Monday, April 30, 2007

Relatively Quiet Draft Day For Hokies

NEW YORK, NY - The 2007 Draft was held over this past weekend and for the Hokies draftees it was a relatively quiet affair. Though the Hokie presence was felt throughout the coverage, the Hokies sent only three players, through the draft, to the NFL this year.

Aaron Rouse was the only selection on day one of the draft. He was picked 26th in the third round (89th overall) by the Green Bay Packers. David Clowney (picked 20th in 5th round, 157th overall also by Green Bay) and Brandon Frye (picked 26th in the 5th round, 163 overall, by the Houston Texans) both were picked on the second day. These three were selected from a field of nine draft-eligible Hokies. Notably left out of draft day was place kicker Brandon Pace and defensive end Noland Burchette. It's likely these players may get picked up as undrafted players.

The Hokie Spirit was alive throughout the weekend. Everyone from the announcers, to the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, to all players present like Calvin Johnson (2nd overall pick, Los Angeles Raiders, Georgia Tech) and Brady Quinn (22nd overall pick, Cleveland Browns, Notre Dame) all wore "VT" lapel pins in honor of the Hokies.

"We, the NFL, wanted to show our support," Goodell said prior to the opening of the draft on Saturday.

Frank Beamer was invited to the draft. Shadowed by former Tech stars Michael Vick, DeAngello Hall, and Bruce Smith, Beamer spoke on behalf of the Hokies at the Radio City Music Hall event.

"Thank you for caring," Beamer said. "I appreciate everyone taking time to care... I'm proud of our students."

"It all seems like a terrible nightmare," Smith, drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 1985, said."It still bothers me and affects me a great deal. Part of the therapy and healing process is being here and talking to other Hokies alumni. I can't imagine what the students had to endure. Their act of courage and survival instincts (was inspiring)."

Smith also announced the Bills first selection.

"God bless the Hokies," Smith said just before announcing Marshawn Lynch from Cal as the Bills first pick.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ways to Contribute

If you are looking for ways to help the families of those who perished and for those still dealing with the tragedy of 04/16/07, please visit the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund.

Go Hokies!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

“Orange and Maroon Effect”

Virginia Tech family members across the country have united to declare this Friday, April 20th, an “ Orange and Maroon Effect” day to honor those killed in the tragic events on campus Monday, and to show support for Virginia Tech students, faculty, administrators, staff, alumni, and friends. “ Orange and Maroon Effect” was born several years ago as an invitation to Tech fans to wear orange and maroon to Virginia Tech athletic events. We invite everyone from all over the country to be a part of the Virginia Tech family this Friday, to wear orange and maroon to support the families of those who were lost, and to support the school and community we all love so much.

Spring Practice and Spring Game Cancelled

Please note that the 2007 Spring Game has been canceled due to the tragedy that occurred on Virginia Tech campus on the 16th of April, 2007.

For up to the date coverage, go to the university's coverage.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Shooting on Campus

Just a quick note to say that everyone at TSF is horrified at the news coming out of Blacksburg about the worst on-campus shooting in U.S. history. We are not an up-to-the-minute news site and we don't have the latest as to what happened, but our thoughts and prayers go out to all the family and friends of the Hokie Nation, especially those of the students who were so pointlessly killed.

Thanks to the many folks who have written us personally, and a particular shout-out to one reader who also happens to have a blog on Google Blogger -

Today the entire nation is a member of Hokie Nation. The Hokies will persevere and while we can't tell you what to do, know that we will continue to support the teams live and in-person throughout this year.