Friday, June 26, 2009

Yeah, I'm drinking the Kool-Aid!

Alvarez Out. Arkema In?

Recruitnik D weighs in on Alvarez and potential verbals in this weeks Recruitnik News.

As you may have heard, Will Alvarez has left the team. Not sure exactly why, but I've read that the coaches basically told him "he could play the game or watch it" and it was up to him to decide which… It's a shame, I had high hopes for him. He let me down, but I'm not taking it personally.

In other news, Mr. Matt Arkema looks to be VT's next verbal. He visits this weekend and hopefully he'll pledge to the good guys soon after. He really sounds like a great kid to have in Blacksburg and I love the comparison to BDC:

Camp is coming up in early July and we should have a good group of visitors. I hope we can land another OL in this class (I think we should shoot for 4 total). I also hear that DT Evan Hailes will be deciding soon (he attended our June camp). Stealing him from PSU/Tenn would be a major coup, but hey, you never know. We are in his top 3 and he seems to be giving us a fair look. Also, he and Acree are buddies (Acree and his dad gave Hailes a ride up to the June camp). Problem is, Hailes comes from Oscar Smith HS, a school where the coach is rumored to push kids away from VT due to our coaches not giving Boone (also an Oscar Smith guy) a good enough chance at QB. Hailes is a big-time talent at DT. Him, McRay, and Acree in the same class would be EPIC, but I'm not holding my breath.

I also hear that VA stud WR Justin Hunter may be rethinking his verbal to LSU. As you may recall, Hunter strongly favored VT before verballing to LSU a month ago. WE are pretty stocked at WR, but Hunter is a can't miss talent (6'-4", 200lbs, and really fast). If he came here, I would hope he would redshirt to get some separation, but we'll see. Oh yeah, and Nick Forbes recently verballed to Cal, so he's off our target list. Punk.

Have you guys heard about the walk on DE making waves in summer testing? Kid came in first place in several categories and he has very good size, can't remember his name though… So, anyway, here's my revised wish list for this class…

QB: Leal, Young

OL: Shuman, Ferris, Arkema, and maybe one more

TE: J. Lewis

WR: Hunter. Period. If not though, Brandon Coleman

RB: Zwanik looks like our best shot, he's a real bowling ball

DT: Acree, Hopkins and Hailes (I think we still have a slim chance)

DE: McCray and hopefully at least one of Martin and Justin Taylor (also, maybe we'll find a good one or two at our July camp)

LB: Peak, Nick Dew, and Brian Latti. Dew will be a Hokie and the coaches are slotting him for whip. Forbes is gone and Travis Williams appears to be a long shot at this point. I think we have a very good shot with Latti. I also hear we are in the running for Chase Williams (son of former Redskin coach Greg Williams). Chase is pretty big (6'-3", 240 lb, 4.65 40) so he'd be a Mike in our system.

CB: Hopefully at least one of Kyle Fuller or AJ Marshall

S: Josh Furman. This kid is a stud from MD…crabcakes and football baby!