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VOLUME 006 ISSUE 001 (2005.09.01)

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Game Preview: Virginia Tech vs. NC State
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Welcome to another roller coaster ride season of College Football.
We here at TSF have built up a lot of excitement for this season.
How can we avoid it after last season’s overachievements and the
ACC’s first season with two divisions and a title match.

So what can you expect this season from TSF? We’ll deliver the
same rants, raves, predictions, outlooks, and commentary. But this
season we’ll have a more consistent format and layout. We’ll deliver
game reviews of the previous week, an outlook on the coming week’s
game, the usual hodgepodge of opinions that run the gambit, and a
some occasional special features. TSF will also produce its own
unified Top 25 poll this year starting with the Oct 5 issue.

As always, thank you for reading and using TSF as a source of your
Hokie Football sports entertainment.

-TSF Staff


GAME PREVIEW - Virginia Tech. vs. NC State
by "Where's the Ice?"

This game will serve as the perfect jump start for both teams' seasons. The Hokies come off an ACC title season while the Wolfpack handed the Hokies their only in-conference loss. Last season's match between these two teams left the Hokies a single point from an undefeated ACC record.

Last year's team took Hokie football back to the days of Ken Oxendine
rushes and air-tight defense that put some points on the board
themselves. Fans watched a unified team lead by Bryan Randall snatch
victory by less than a touchdown in four of their contests. Randall's
leadership and charisma contributed significantly to channeling all of the Hokies' ability into a winning football team.

So what should fans expect from the Hokies this season? The Hokies
have the same level of talent as they did last year, even with the
departures of Vincent Fuller, Eric Green, Jared Mazetta, Mikal Baaquee, and others. The Hokies proved last season that they can replace talent very quickly as they did with Eddie Royal, Josh Hyman, and David Clowney all taking their turns to fill the shoes of Ernest Wilford as one example.

What will make or break the Hokies? The element that this well oiled
machine called Virginia Tech Football must replace lies in the leadership of Bryan Randall. Red shirt Junior Marcus Vic has all the athletic ability required to complete the task, but how he asserts himself as a leader on and off the field will contribute to overall morale of the squad. I don't care how much talent you have; you don't win titles and big bowl games without this. The Virginia Tech coaching staff has made the right decision in only granting very limited media access to Vick. His mental state makes for the most pivotal piece of building this year's team morale.

On another QB note, I think we'll get to watch Sean Glennon backup
Vick and that his performance will give Hokie fans something to which to look forward as he rises into the QB position over the next couple of seasons.

Sunday's game will give Hokie fans a very good indication of how well
this squad has carried their team unity from last year's season. I think the scoreboard will tell very little about this. Watch how smoothly the team dressed in maroon executes their plays. Win or loose, that will show a good indication of how Virginia Tech's second season in the ACC will progress. Winning sloppily will not leave die hard Hokie fans with a great deal of optimism.

Against NC State, Will Montgomery will move back to guard this game
after playing center on the offensive line last year to fill the void left by Jake Grove. Offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring wants the players of his offensive line to have some versatility, so expect to watch players shifting around the line through the first few games at least. Danny McGrath, a Sophomore, will play Center on Sunday. The offense will most likely try all avenues of attack. The Hokies have a well seasoned running game in Michael Imoh, an experienced tight end passing game in Jeff King, and rising experience in their wide receivers.

The question marks lay in the Hokie's offensive line where last year's right side of the line has departed. NC State will probably play its defense most effectively on the blitz in attempts to take advantage of the lack of starter experience on the offensive line.

Hokie defense retains much of its strength on the line returning from last year. The question marks on defense lie in the backs with several new starters: Jimmy Williams, Roland Minor, DJ Parker, and Kent Hicks.

The NC State offense has a strong line, when healthy. The Wolfpack
record of last season probably doesn't reflect their true potential due to the number of injuries their line sustained. They have many of those players returning. When well protected, quarterback Jay Davis plays well. The Hokie defensive line will have to face the likes of James Newby, Jon Holt, Merci Falaise, and Garrett Kline.

NC State coming off a No. 1 ranking in defense has pleanty of experience there. All-ACC picks Mario Williams and Manny Lawson combined with Chip Cross and Renaldo Moses provide pleanty of experience and ability on the defensive line. The NC State linebacker situation doesn't look too shabby either with three starters returning which includes last year's leader in tackles, Oliver Hoyte.

So can the Hokies spot a crack in the armor of the Wolfpack defense?
If they do, they will most likely find it (or make it I should say) in the Wolfpack secondary. Much like the Hokies, although talented, they
have a little bit of inexperience. AJ Davis returns after serving as a solid backup cornerback for the passed two seasons. If he moves into the starting spot, Royal and Hyman may successfully take advantage of a small mistake by use of their speed. Well seasoned senior Marcus
Hudson fields the other corner position, but two newcomers Jimmie
Sutton and Phillip Holloman will start at safety. Vick's arm and the
Hokie wide receivers will surely attempt to take advantage of this.

Overall, I don't expect to watch a lot of run-and-gun offence. I think the game will have that in very short bursts. Mostly, I expect both teams to play stonewall defense.

Game airs 7 p.m., Sun, Sept 7 on ESPN2 and XM satellite 191

Other games to watch:
BC vs. BYU, 3:30 p.m., Sat, Sept 3 on ABC
Texas A&M vs. Clemson, 8:00 p.m., Sat, Sept 3 on ABC
Ga. Tech vs. Auburn, 8:45 p.m., Sat, Sept 3 on ESPN
Miami vs. FSU, 8:00 p.m., Mon, Sept 5 on ABC


FREEWHEEL - Expectations
by "Mad Jay"

"On any given day, if a lion doesn't run faster than the slowest gazelle he doesn't eat by sunset.....if a gazelle doesn't run faster than the fastest lion, he doesn't get to see sunset."

People underestimate the mental aspect of college football. They likely grasp the importance of athletes knowing where they are supposed to be on any given play by understanding X's and O's and concentrating in the film room. It is unlikely that proper due is given to the effects of psychology and attitude on the outcome of football games.

Think about it - where does momentum come from in a football game? Is it likely that all of a sudden one team starts remembering more clearly its film sessions from the week? In-game coaching adjustments do play a role, but they just start the snowball rolling. The snowball itself is the team gaining confidence and believing in each other along with the fact that they can win.

College football is played by 18-25 year old men whose macho and bravado is often times a show to cover up any insecurities they might feel. It is when these players form a cohesive group that honestly plays together that football games can be won when they should be lost. It is one thing for football coaches to form this group when uniting them against outside forces that all seem to be delivering the same negative message - "You CAN'T". But with the natural tendency for macho-bravado-"look at me" attitudes, it is very tough to organize and unite a group when these outside forces don't exist.

I have been here before - 1997 and 2003 come to mind. Just as in those
years, I know the Hokies CAN do it. The question is if the team truly,
deep down in their hearts, took heed of the words of Bryan Randall in
that locker room after the Auburn loss last year. With his uncanny knack for sizing up a situation, Randall understood that the 2005 team
wouldn't have the outside forces to motivate them - the talent level and defense of an ACC championship take that away. And so his most important words were - "Don't put this game behind you. Remember this feeling {the loss} and don't take anything for granted next year."

With that said, "next year" has arrived for college football, and, just as Randall predicted, this year all the pundits and experts are saying to the Virginia Tech football team - "You SHOULD". The team is no longer the hunter lion, it is the hunted gazelle. The rest of the teams not picked to win the conference now have that bulletin board material highlighting the disrespect they are getting from outside forces.

The proof that the team has the physical talent to win is embodied in
the ACC Championship banners that hang from the new stadium addition.
Whether Frank Beamer and staff, for the first time in their careers,
helped this group find the INTERNAL motivation to play to their best
ability as a team will be seen starting Sunday night at 7:00 PM.

Let's rumble. GO HOKIES!


SPECIAL FEATURE - Where are they now?
By Brian “Where’s the Ice”

Last season, Hokie fans watched a number of stars take their team
to the number one spot in the ACC after pre-season predictions
placed them in mediocre standing. Some of those stars have become
professional athletes. This section will take a brief look at the Hokie Freshman class of the NFL.

Eric Greene - CB, drafted by Arizona in the third round, 75th overall,
three year contract

Vincent Fuller - FS, drafted by Tennessee in the fourth round, 108th

Jon Dunn - OT, drafted by Cleveland in the 7th round, 217th overall

Bryan Randall - QB, acquired by Atlanta Falcons,

Mikal Baaqee - LB, acquired by Indianapolis Colts

Travis Conway - C, acquired by New England

Jim Davis - DE, acquired by Jacksonville Jaguars

Anthony Lambo - G, acquired by Baltimore

Keith Willis - TE, acquired by Baltimore

Lastly, Virgina Tech fans have taken a step towards steeling the
title of the, “Twelfth Man.” has ranked Lane Stadium
as the best home field advantage of Division 1-A. The site writes,
“All stadiums were not created equal, and some teams will have
competitive advantages when playing at home this season. Though
sheer attendance numbers help, it's all about quality - not quantity -
when it comes to home field advantage in Division I football. How
hard is it for opponents to infiltrate your stadium in mass? How
often do the games sell out? And - forget rivalry games - how loud
and nasty does the crowd get for the season-opening cupcakes?
After taking all of these things into account, here are the top 10
home field advantages in college football." They write onward to
rank Lane Stadium as number one on this list.


ACC Standings


Boston College 0-0 0-0
Clemson 0-0 0-0
Florida State 0-0 0-0
Maryland 0-0 0-0
NC State 0-0 0-0
Wake Forest 0-0 0-0


Duke 0-0 0-0
Georgia Tech 0-0 0-0
Miami 0-0 0-0
North Carolina 0-0 0-0
Virginia 0-0 0-0
Virginia Tech 0-0 0-0


TSF Trivia

(1) Only NC State has defeated Virginia Tech in the month of
September since 1996.
(2) Ten of the eleven expected Hokie starters come from the
commonwealth of Virginia.
(3) Only NC State scored two rushing touchdowns against
Virginia Tech in the 2004 season.
(4) Virginia Tech has a 12-3 record on games televisied by


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Anand "EhhTee" Trivedi
Brian "Where's The Ice?" Wrenn


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Monday, August 15, 2005

In case you missed it...

In case you missed this week's premature (I mean pre-season) comic book (I mean USA Today) polls here it is. The crayon-pushing pollers again place the USC Trojans atop the poll marking the customary loser tradition of placing last year's champion in high regard. My prediction, USC loses several games this year (three to four) and the color picture rag will eat it's own print.

On a lighter note, I do agree with the placement of Texas as high as they are. Even though I stand by my feelings that pre-season rankings are well unmerited, undeserved, and unfair, the Longhorns impressed me in what little I have read about them. Returning a strong seven/nine split of starters on offense and defense respectively, Texas appears to be the team to beat in the Big 12 this year. Quarterback Vince Young looks to carry the team on the tremendous experience he gained last season.

Virginia Tech finds itself again facing high expectations. Here the Hokies are ranked seventh. In other polls, the Hokies find themselves as high as fourth in rankings put out by columnists J. Darin Darst and Spenser Tillman of CBS Sportsline. The Hokies, who begin the season with a new general at the helm in redshirt-Junior Marcus Vick, have a lot of questions to answer from their offensive line to struggling special teams that will make or break this team. Determining a ranking of seventh (or fourth for that matter) may be fueled by media biases and favoritism. Notice, that Notre Lame is absent from the top twenty-five with only thirteen points.

Here are some other noticeable facts about the poll:
  • Five ACC teams are in the top 25.
  • Six SEC teams (the most) are in the top 25.
  • Of the five ACC teams, three are from the Big East acquisition (thus adding fuel to "Where's the Ice?"'s claim that the Big East would have proved quite powerful).
  • Georgia Tech and NC State are hanging off the bottom and could creep in.

The USA Today Week One Poll
1. USC (60) 0-0 1,547
2. Texas (2) 0-0 1,405
3. Tennessee 0-0 1,259
4. Michigan 0-0 1,242
5. Oklahoma 0-0 1,223
6. LSU 0-0 1,109
7. Virginia Tech 0-0 1,090
8. Miami 0-0 1,080
9. Ohio State 0-0 1,033
10. Iowa 0-0 1,014
11. Florida 0-0 910
12. Florida State 0-0 879
13. Georgia 0-0 838
14. Louisville 0-0 758
15. Auburn 0-0 723
16. Purdue 0-0 616
17. Texas A&M 0-0 366
18. Arizona State 0-0 304
19. Boise State 0-0 303
20. California 0-0 293
21. Texas Tech 0-0 247
22. Boston College 0-0 237
23. Virginia 0-0 210
24. Alabama 0-0 194
25. Pittsburgh 0-0 193
Fresno State 188, Oregon 145, Utah 103, Georgia Tech 88, Wisconsin 79, NC State 69, Bowling Green 63, Penn State 44, Colorado 40, Minnesota 34, UCLA 24, UTEP 22, Nebraska 21, Kansas State 20, South Carolina 16, Notre Dame 13, Wyoming 12, West Virginia 12, New Mexico 9, Clemson 9, Arizona 8, Northern Illinois 8, Southern Miss 7, Toledo 7, Washington State 7, Michigan State 6, Iowa State 6, Memphis 5, Washington 4, Miami OH 3, Maryland 2, Kansas 1, Duke 1, UAB 1.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I agree with Anand on everything he says in this column and everything he has ever said. Of course I may disagree with him this year, we'll have to see. I am free Wednesday about 7:00 PM. Please call me then if you guys are free then as well.


Monday, August 08, 2005

A little bit of sarcasm to start the season?

Recently (today,) "Where's The Ice?" made the following request. Below it is my response. Enjoy!

"Do you guys want to have a telephone meeting to get organized for this year? Maybe we could meet for an hour one evening this week or next."

An hour! An hour! What are you nuts? :) Do you have an hour of spare time!?!? :) It is August, you know. Shouldn't you be OPNETWORKing or something?

Anyway, what the bleep do we need a meeting for? It seems pretty simple to me. Write something. Post it.

I also think that in following suit with ESPN and the AP, we shouldn't have a poll either. Nobody gets ranked. The BCS will just pick two teams out of a hat to play in the title game. Each team will get 1 free entry. Each team can buy additional entries for some astronomical price. Thus leaving us with a Miami vs Notre Lame national championship every year until the end of time. It'd be great!

Or rather we could have a poll where everyone is number one. If you lose, doesn't matter to who, you drop to 117th. Doesn't matter if you win 10 straight. If you lose the 11th, you're the new 117th. The team that lost on day one and wins 10 straight would move all the way to number two or three or whatever.

That's how, I'm voting this year!

At the end if we have two [insert U-word here] teams their number one and number one. They play each other and the winner gets to be number one. The other gets to be 117th.

So you say, what if they're three [insert U-word here] teams? Or worse, one of the [insert U-word here] comes from the [gasp] Mountain West, or the [egads no!] Big East! What do they do then?

The latter part is simple. You change the formula such that a team from a 2nd tier conferences like the Sun Belt and the Big East lose points for being undefeated. You came from a lesser conference. You don't deserve a championship! Poser! Go back to spending money on edumacation! College is for football!

Well, now if you have three number ones, each team plays each other in a loser sport like say basketball or baseball. You know ones where they don't need a week to recover from exhaustion and brain hemorrhages received in each game.

And we're not talking about each school's basketball or baseball team. We're talking the offensive lines of each team. Can you picture that? 300+ lb. giants battling it out on the hardwood?


P.S. I'm free on Wednesday.