Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Preseason is over - Roster Breakdown for Opening Day

[Editor's note: The original post by MadJay had disappeared while EhhTee's post was uploading. Thankfully, I had a backup]

"Dancing days are here again
As the summer evenings grow
I got my flower - I got my power
I got a woman who knows" - Led Zeppelin

Saturday....Hokie football season is upon us on Saturday and I quite simply am beside myself with anticipation. But what self-respecting blog would let the season begin without an in-depth roster breakdown filled with interviews from the coaching staff, highlights of the scrimmages and clever witticisms about each position group? None would. However, since we're no self-respecting blog, you're left with my stale attempts at humor....... and a barely readable summary of the position groups. But cheer up - kickoff is at 12:30 EST on Saturday!!!

Two Words

You know, I started to write this preview of the Hokies season opener against the Appalachian State Mountaineers with the intent of doing a deep analysis of the Mountaineers and the team they're fielding this year and how the Hokies will handle them.

I thought I could talk about dual threat quarterback DeAndre Presley and how he led the team in rushing yards with 1,131 yards and threw for 2,631 yards.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Youth Movement

During Coach Beamer the Elder's current bowl game streak (17 games and counting), the formula has been simple but extremely well-executed - Play some of your starters on special teams, play the toughest sons-of-bitches you could find on defense and have a top-flight strength/conditioning program where your upperclassmen could go from underrated recruit to star player by the time they'd been in the program 2-3 years.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scrimmage #1 highlights

Scrimmage #2 is underway, but if you want to go ahead and get fired up, watch this.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pre-season camp #1 - The Interpreter

So with all the talk these days about conference realignment and the Miami Hurricanes receiving $10 gazillion in improper benefits from boosters over the past 8 years, I get the sense that the focus isn't as much on the field as I think it needs to be. After all, the season is only two weeks away. This is a young Tech team and we need to look more closely at each position group. So who better to turn to than the VT coaching staff?

After all, I'm sure if you're a Superfan, you've read the countless blog posts, Twitter accounts and news stories that various media hacks have run these past few weeks, and the coaches have offered plenty of soundbytes and lines for those stories. The problem is that the coaching staff has a dialect to their language that can be difficult for normal American English speaking folks to understand. It's kind of like watching any Guy Ritchie movie - sure the British gangsters are speaking English, technically, I guess, but with that dialect, you could barely get every third word.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Virginia Tech In Lockdown

Follow CNN's feed on campus lockdown.

A gunman is reportedly on campus and the administration is taking no chances having learned from the tragedies of April 16th, 2007.

More to follow...

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Hokies Football Eve

Twas the night before football, when all through my house
Not a wink I was sleeping, Googling "big hit Aaron Rouse"
The jerseys were hung by the chimney with care
Knowing that Saint Beamer soon will be there

Yes my Dear and Beloved Reader, it is the eve of a new Virginia Tech Hokies football season. 2011 brings the usual excitements and fears, but this year in particular, the swings of excitement and fear are wider thanks to the many unknowns on this team. The pit of my stomach feels more acidic than usual - both from anticipation and worry. Hello Rolaids my old friend. I've come to see you once again.