Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hitler Finds Out Stiney's Still OC

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Junior Hokie State College?

From: Hokie God
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Subject: Will Alvarez Transfer to West Liberty

Body: Rumor tom-toms are saying former Hokie OL Will Alvarez is transfering to West Liberty just like Ore last year. What's up with this? Are we going to have to start refering to West Liberty as the Jr. Hokies?

I have not heard about Alvarez (or Latif for that matter) going to West Liberty but it wouldn't surprise me.

1) West Liberty offensive coordinator Gary Krol has several NFL connections which gives them an opportunity for visibility at the next level when they graduate.
2) There is less pressure both athletically and academically at West Liberty making it easier for them to do well for themselves on and off the field.
3) By dropping a division, neither player will have to sit-out a season which is important since they had both already used a redshirt year and it also nearly assures them of a starting role, meaning they will get to play by simply being bigger and stronger than some of the competition.

Alvarez and Latif may end up at West Liberty, they may not, but it definitely seems like going to Division I-AA or Division II is a win-win move here for the players as well as the Hokies (neither guy was picking up the mental aspects of their role) and that's what Coach Beamer is normally supportive of, so you can be sure he put in a good word for both young men.