Thursday, July 21, 2011

Virginia Tech Research Provides Crucial Research on Helmets

Gregg Eastbrook posted this article about how VT's research could and probably will influence every equipment manager in the game, even the NFL.

Another HokieNotes Post

After a scare at West Virginia -- I can't believe I didn't write about that game -- the Hokies continued their march to the national championship game and went up to Philadelphia with an 9-0 record. The previous year, the Temple Owls stunned the Hokies with a major upset. Back then, it was the worst loss in Tech's history as a top 25 team. As of last season, we now all know that is no longer true.

Taken from HokieNotes 01.014 on November 18th, 1999:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In The Year 2000...

Okay, 1999 really.

While we wait for summer practice to begin I thought I'd post a bit of nostalgia. In the next few weeks I'll post little bits of the past. HokieNotes, the original name of TechSuperFans started out as an email to a bunch of die hard fans. From there, it became a newsletter posted first to what was then called but now is called Yahoo!Groups.

I wrote the following passage in HokieNotes Vol 01.006:

Blacksburg Bound
This time tomorrow, I will be a Sharky's Supermug drinking, Record Exchange CD purchasing, Mike's Grill Calzone eating, Drill Field lounging, at the game voice-losing, good-times having, Clemson fan bashing, ESPN ranting, Hokie fool. Hoping to catch a glimpse of something in Vick that will show me why he's been hyped so much.