Monday, July 23, 2007

Recruitnik D

TSF is proud to present the views of one of the best in the business when it comes to Hokie recruits. He goes by many names - D Cim, Italian Christmas Donkey, and others. For now, we'll call him Recruitnik D. Enjoy -
I absolutely cannot wait for September to get here. I have been
following our success on the recruiting trail closely over the past
few months and I really like the way this class is shaping up. As
you may know, we've secured verbals from several key players so
far. The big fish already in the tank are Bruce Taylor (LB), Mike
Via (OL), and Isaiah Hamlette (DE/DT) to name a few. Those still
in the water, and who VT currently leads for are:

WR: DJ Coles, M. Davis, and D. Roberts. Personally, I think we get
all 3. Coles is a stud playmaker and
Davis is 100% grade A, USDA
Choice beef. The kid stands a Calvin Johnson-esque 6'-5" and
weighs in at 215 as a HS rising senior. With one year under Sir
Gentry, no corner in the ACC will be able to stop this kid. As most
of you recall, they said the same thing about me when I chose VT.
Book it!

OL: V. Painter He's stated VT is his leader but this kid is one of the
best linemen in the nation and
Florida is a close # 2 for him. I
think we land him in the end but his recruitment should extend
into February with the sweet aroma of the SEC making this one a
nail-biter for the good guys) Bobbie "Pass me another chicken
wing" Massie is another one of our OL recruits to keep an eye out
for. Rumor has it that his mom really likes VT and he really
impressed the coaches with his performance at our camp this
weekend. Unfortunately, however, Bobbie seems to know more
about chicken wings than he does about algebra. Apparently,
he has dug himself quite a hole academically and he will likely
spend a year at Hargrave prior to matriculating at any of this
nation's institutes of higher learning.

RB: Ryan Williams. I have 2 words for you - Ryan Williams. Kid
allegedly runs a 4.4 40 and is 5'-11",
210 lbs. He is the best RB in
VA this year and one of the top RBs in the nation. Beamer has been
in this kid's wheelhouse since he was playing with legos and, by the
way, his high school coach is former Hokie great Loren Johnson.
I like our chances here. Williams will be in attendance for the ECU
game and I'm almost done making my "Ryan Will You Marry Me?"
banner for ESPN Game Day.

DB: Xavier Boyce and TJ Lawrence. These two have the
measureables to be difference makers in the secondary. Both are
safety/rover types and I really like their versatility to switch to
another position if things don't work out.
Lawrence is 6'-1", 190 lbs
(that's pounds Joe) and he runs a 4.5, while Boyce is 6'-4",
200 lbs,
4.5. These guys could end up at receiver or at whip for that matter.
Given the recent commits of Rose, Gouvea, Demps, and Lorenzo
Williams, however, a miss on one of these guys would not be the
end of the world.

By the way, how about Lorenzo Williams huh? Kid is 6'-2",
198 lbs,
and runs a 4.43. Allegedly, he has the hips to play corner and loves
to hit. This one came out of nowhere, but he could turn out to be
this year's Kam Chancellor. Remember that name.

DT: We did well last year at recruiting DT's, but I'd like to see us
land at least one more in this class. With Buddy Ruff leaning
toward HooVille, that foreseeably leaves us with Antoine Hopkins
from Highland Springs. AH is being recruited as a DE, but he's
already a biscuit away from 260 so I see him ultimately ending up
a DT in VT's system. The same could be said for I. Hamlette, but
we'll see.
Hopkins did well at last weekend's one-day camp and
seemed to have really impressed the coaches.

To summarize, we seem to lead for Coles, Davis, Roberts,
Williams, Painter, Boyce, and Lawrence. If we can reel them all in
and sprinkle in a little Massie and Hopkins, this class could really
be special. Get the trophy case ready boys!