Sunday, September 24, 2006

3 Key Plays - Cincinnati 9/23/06


3 Key Plays

1) On the Bearcats opening drive, after completing a pass that would have given them first and goal on the 5 yard line, Cincinnati QB Dustin Groza (what a game he had) had to watch as Hokie DB Brandon Flowers delivered a big hit that forced a fumble and the Hokies recovered the ball, stopping the threat. Considering how tight this game was, and how poor the Hokie offense was in the first half, I shudder to think what would have happened if Cincinnati had scored a TD on this initial drive. Brandon Flowers is having an All-ACC season at this point.

2) On 2nd and 10 late in the third quarter, the offensive line misses another block, but Branden Ore makes the LB miss in the backfield and proceeds to rip off a 23 yard gain. Seems like an odd choice for key play so let me explain. First of all, Ore only had 22 yards on the ground up to that point. It doubled his rushing output and was the keystone play that led him to finish with 170 yards on the day. Secondly, it began a drive that resulted in a field goal giving the Hokies a 15-13 lead. The Bearcats had JUST finished an 8 minute drive wearing out the Hokie defense and kicking a field goal to go up 13-12. If Ore doesn't break out on this run, it's 3rd and long with the Hokies down by a point and all the pressure lands on Glennon's shoulders. If the Hokies go three and out on that series, Cincinnati has all the momentum, the lead, and a tired Hokie defense would have been taking the field. This was an amazing play by an amazing running back.

3) Following an Ore fumble (he was exhausted, but that's not an excuse - the Hokies ABSOLUTELY MUST find a 2nd option at RB), Cincinnati is deep in Hokie territory and driving to make it a one score game, when Macho Harris picks off a slant route and houses it to cap the scoring at 29-13. This was the play that iced the game and then Macho added another interception for good measure at the end.

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