Thursday, September 06, 2007

On Booing

Editorial by EhhTee

Sean Glennon played extremely well last Saturday. There, I said it. And I believe it too. Other than the opening interception and four to five other miscues, the man played to his ability. He went 22-33 for 245 yards. When was the last time the Hokies passed for more yards than they ran? It’s a rhetorical question that I’m sure has an answer, but you get the picture.

That said, I would like to ask, no I implore you not to boo your own team! How dare you fare weather these boys, and yes they are boys between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two.

Many of us have called for a change at quarterback and many of us have called for a change elsewhere, but booing has no place in Lane Stadium or anywhere else for that matter.

These players, especially Glennon since we’re talking about him, work their tails off. Booing is just plain inexcusable. It is not something the Hokie Nation should do to anyone. It’s not Hokie Respect-able. It doesn’t add to our Hokie Pride. Just don’t do it.

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Jeffrey Macloud said...

I gotta agree. I was "scouting" and I watched the game twice - he played well.

ECU may be better than their billing, maybe not. But if you're O'line doesn't step up, Glennon's skills might not matter. 33 yard rushing against ECU - well, I'd be worried if I were a VT fan.