Sunday, November 04, 2007

3 Key Plays - VT vs. Georgia Tech

1) With 2:18 left in the 1st quarter, on 3rd down from the GT 12 yd line, QB Sean Glennon tried to escape the rush and fumbled the ball. The Hokies were trailing 3-0 and they had just executed a MONSTER drive down the field to get into FG range to tie the game. If that ball doesn't take a perfect bounce to where Glennon can fall right back on top of it, the entire game would have changed. Glennon had a PHENOMENAL night, but his Achilles Heel is that he can't feel pressure from the defensive line and it nearly cost the Hokies a huge amount of momentum.

2) Immediately following the converted FG, Jud Dunlevy executed a perfect onside kick (wasn't I just talking about the Hokies recovering onside kicks in the BC game review?) and fell on the ball after it went 10 yards. This led to a TD scoring drive and it took a real toll on the Georgia Tech defense for the rest of the game as the Hokies for more than 10 consecutive minutes.

3) Up 17-3, the Hokies had Georgia Tech facing a 3rd and 2 with 9:00 left in the 3rd quarter, when backup QB Josh Nesbitt executed a perfect run fake and pulled rover Kam Chancellor up to the line of scrimmage. He then threw over Chancellor to a WIDE OPEN receiver James Johnson but it was slightly overthrown and Johnson made a poor adjustment to the ball. The resulting touchdown would have made the score 17-10 and completely turned the game around. Instead Georgia Tech had to punt. Probably THE key play of the game and depending on what happens from here on out, could be (just like the Eddie Royal TD in Atlanta 3 years ago) the key play of the season.


slammy d said...

If you watch the game tape through to the end, you might be able to see me up at the very front row of the south end zone student section. (I myself didn't record the game so I'm not sure.) During that last Hokie drive where they were close to scoring but abandoned the effort, I was in the front row. Most of the GT kids had long cleared out!

But enough about me, congrats to the team. Wish I could be there in person to see them go up against FSU!

MadJay said...

I'll go back and see if I can see the famous frozen tundra of Slambeau Field.