Thursday, December 06, 2007

3 Key Plays - VT vs. BC ACC Championship

1) After having just answered the Hokies TD, the Eagles extended their lead to 16-7 and were trying the extra point. Duane Brown blocked it and Brandon Flowers returned it and the Hokies found themselves down one score at 16-9. This swung the momentum of the entire game.

2) With the game tied at 16 in the third quarter, the Eagles mounted a drive that got down to the VT 29. Facing 4th and 1, they decided to go for it. A conversion here would probably lead to at least a FG and put a lot of pressure on a Hokie offense that hadn't done much all game. But the VT defense rose up and snuffed out the play action pass attempt which fell incomplete and the threat was averted.

3) Following Vince Hall's interception with 2 minutes left in the game, the Hokies looked like they had it sealed up but they couldn't get a first down. The Eagles would get the ball back with about :35 seconds left and punter Brent Bowden was standing on his own 6 yard line. A shanked punt here and the stage would be set for more possible Matt Ryan heroics. But Bowden calmly blasted a 47 yard punt that actually travelled 59 yards in the air and allowed for no return. That punt helped clinch the game and the championship for the Hokies.

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