Monday, January 07, 2008


The following is a cross-post from a post I made to a wiki I found. Someone had created a Fire Bryan Stinespring Wiki at The entry was blank, so I felt obliged to start an entry.

A sentiment growing amongst Hokie fans everywhere is that the Hokies will not advance to the next level with the current offensive coordinator, Bryan Stinespring. Stinespring who became coordinator of the offense during the 2001 Gator Bowl against Florida State. Ever since then, the Hokies have struggled to win the big games and most of that can be attributed to flat play of very talented player and poor play calling by the coaches.

The ire has boiled to its highest point amongst many fans after the 2008 BCS Orange Bowl loss to the Kansas Jayhawks.

Websites like, the forums at, and the newly created are bustling with activity on the subject.

Unconfirmed whois lookups seem to indicate that Bryan Stinespring himself bought the hostname in September of 2007. This, after Daily Press Sports Writer Norm Wood reported in April that Stinespring was not worried about the site, even joking "My dad's not on there, is he? That would upset me."

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Matthew said...

That was me who put the Fire Bryan Stinespring blog on the wiki, Ehh Tee :-)