Thursday, February 19, 2009

VT Basketball - Loss to the Hoos

After losing to the hated and evil Hoos, 75-61 in a game that wasn't that close, as my good friend Leftorium said - "Hello NIT!"

I would do a game review but for two things:

a) It just kills me watching these guys disgrace the legacy of the scrappy teams that came before them and I just can't even watch the game film past the first half.
b) There's nothing really to review. When Malcolm Delaney is off, the team doesn't have enough offense to outscore the opponent no matter who they are because the Hokies can't stop anyone. When he's on, it's a coin-flip as to who wins and the Hokies still can't stop anyone.

Anyway, that's about it. This is a perfect case of be careful what you wish for. After the 2006-07 squad went to the NCAA tournament all I asked for was some offense to go with that great defense. Well, Coach Greenberg has a better offense and much better skill all over the floor with this team but they left the tough defense and rebounding behind. To compete in the ACC, go far in the NCAA tournament and build a tradition in the basketball program, the Hokies have to have both. 

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