Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mark Herzlich - Ambassador to Tough-istan

I hate whoever VT's opponent is that week and I want the Hokies to beat them into a bloody pulp every game. Unlike most fans, we Superfans want the Hokies to win 84-0 every single game. You can keep all this closest-average-finish-in-the-NCAA business from last season. I cannot stand close games because I see what they are doing to my life expectancy.

But despite wanting to mash them into the ground very badly, there are some opponents I have great respect for and Boston College is one of those teams. They play hard-tough-and-fair football, blue-collar-physical football, rainy-weather-muddy-field-3rd-and-1 football, and they play to the echo of the whistle and no further (sound familiar Hokie fans?). That's the foundation this great game is built on and I love it.

One of the great ambassadors of this type of football is BC linebacker Mark Herzlich; a player I'd be proud to cheer if he were a Hokie and an opponent I love to see mashed into the ground because I recognize how rare it is and how tough he is to beat. And this big-time footballer, and current ACC Defensive Player of the Year has been diagnosed with cancer.

Mark Herzlich, we at TSF offer our best wishes to you and your family as you battle through this and , as fans of football the way it is meant to be played, we hope that you beat this cancer into a bloody pulp and mash it into the ground so that we can see you on the gridiron again this fall.


Nick said...

Classy post man! That was very cool to read. Keep up the good work!

MadJay said...

Thanks Nick. We look forward to Tech's battle with BC October 10th.