Thursday, August 06, 2009

The team

The coaches are very impressed with David Wilson and Logan Thomas. After seeing from footage from today's practice I can see why. To think those two are freshmen is just ridiculous. The other thing that popped out at me is how fluid and athletic Xavier Boyce and Marcus Davis look. It's impossible to think they could jump Jarrett Boykin on the depth chart at the "X" receiver position before the season after what Boykin showed in games last year, but those two are going to get on the field and they are going to make plays.

In fact all over the field today there were impressive athletes. But remember - everyone's team looks great in August.


Anonymous said...

There is a poll on this site
about whether Wilson or Alabama's Trent Richardson will have a better college career. Wilson has been either barely winning or barely losing all day. Hokie fans need to go to this site and vote for David Wilson! Support our Hokies!
It is in the upper right hand column of this site:

VaTech94 said...

I just voted and Richardson is ahead! Come on Hokies! Support David Wilson!