Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Between Now and the Orange Bowl

Here at TSF, we are still celebrating the fact that the Hokies won the the ACC title. It's a great feeling and now we have a month before the Orange Bowl so I just wanted to let you know that we will be using this time to get some items off our chest that usually build up during the season.

We will be discussing offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring, the BCS (which is such a complete joke at this point), the rule change related to personal foul calls for hits above the shoulder and anything else that there isn't really time to address during the course of the hectic season.

So check back in with us before it's Orange Bowl preview time and we'll serve up some of these dishes. I'll start with my take on Stinespring and what this season has done to influence it (special thanks to the guys at for serving as inspiration to write this), which I'll post later this week. I have to get it written before the next Hokie basketball game on Sunday, since watching those guys play is enough to just about kill me. Until then, and as always,

GO HOKIES!!!!!!!


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