Monday, February 14, 2011

Changing of the guard

Welcome back home to Blacksburg, Shane Beamer!! Yes, he will be the running backs coach, but the main boost Beamer the Younger brings is new life into recruiting efforts.

Billy Hite has been an excellent running backs coach. The fundamentals he taught have helped backs run and block their way into the NFL and his instincts as to whether a kid has been ready for the big leagues haven't been wrong once, to my knowledge - both on kids who were ready to leave and those who weren't (I'm talking to you Shyrone Stith).

We at TSF have been unhappy with how he has managed certain backfields and playing time over the years, but no one can call into question his loyalty to Coach Beamer and the program and his ability to coach kids up on how to be complete running backs. Not just in running the ball but blocking/blitz pickup and the passing game as well. The good news is that he will still be around to lend an ear and offer advice to both Coach Beamers going forward.

That said, this is a major upgrade in the recruiting department as Coach Hite, towards the end of his career, didn't enjoy recruiting as much, didn't do very much of it, and certainly didn't have great success in it. Case in point - he landed 1 prospect in the Class of '11 and that was Caleb Farris who was actually a greyshirt from the 2010 class.

Whereas Coach Beamer the Younger is ready to step into Coach Cav's shoes as recruiting coordinator when Cav decides it's time to go out to pasture as well. Shane is energetic, he knows what it takes to go head-to-head against other SEC schools and he relates to the players. This is a great move for him, for Virginia Tech and we salute Coach Hite as he takes his place at Beamer's side in a mentoring and administrative role. A win for everyone involved except South Carolina, and they got Jadaveon Clowney today to easy some of that pain.



Brad said...

is it possible?


MadJay said...

We've heard this, too, but we're going to take a wait and see on this one. If it doesn't happen in the next two-three weeks, it's not gonna happen. They would want someone to be in place long before spring practice prep gets underway.

MadJay said...

ANd then just like that BLAM!!!!