Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Some departures from VT football

Two Hokie football players have decided to stop pursuing their football careers at Virginia Tech. LB Quillie Odom and DB Lorenzo Williams are still enrolled at Virginia Tech but they are not going to be playing football this fall.

Quillie Odom was recently identified here on TSF as one of the players that we were most wrong about in our annual recruiting breakdowns. He had all the talent in the world, but unfortunately didn't have the maturity to play linebacker the way that Coach Foster demands (i.e. with intensity and listening to coaching even if the message is being delivered loudly and close to your earhole). He came around last year but at that point was already moved to defensive end where he gave a good effort but just doesn't have the size to play that position and get on the field. We wish Quillie the best and trust that he'll go on to finish his degree and have success.

Lorenzo Williams was one of those players that just couldn't catch a break. Williams had the size and speed to be effective at rover or whip but could never stay on the field long enough before being injured. And every time he came back from injury he would just get hurt again. It would have been great to see what Williams could have done had he stayed healthy, but it was finally a never-healing foot injury that permanently ended his career. Again, we hope Williams goes on to make us proud as Hokies in whatever field he chooses.

Summer practice is 7 weeks away so we'll start getting revved up here at that point. Until then, it's back to the weight room.


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