Sunday, September 07, 2014

Preseason Rankings

Last night proved how much a croc the preseason rankings are. Are you telling me that losing one player makes your top 5 team become a team that probably will lose 6 games this year?

Don't get me wrong Virginia Tech is going to be a very good program this year and will win 9 or 10 or more games, but Ohio State lost its entire front offensive starting line from last year (one starter shifted from the right to the left which is basically a completely different position). I don't care how good Braxton (my phone must be hungry because it corrected that to Bacon) Miller is/would have been, and maybe he would have been the linchpin that propelled them to victory last night and later in the season, but you can't list that team as a top 10 team.

That said, Tech will not be able to do what it did last night against the likes of Shane Carden of East Carolina, namely put 8, in the box and run man coverage basically every play.

All that aside, I'm excited at what I see from both sides of the ball in these Cody two games.

Go Hokies!

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