Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mad Jay is MAD


I am so mad about today's game against Kent State, but first, let's show some Hokie Respect and say that Georgia Tech clinched the ACC Coastal division today with a lackluster 7-0 victory over UNC. Congratulations to the Yellow Jackets for coming to Blacksburg and beating the Hokies 38-21 as that was the decisive game that decided the division. While I am disappointed that the Hokies have been eliminated from contention, if you watched the Kent State-Virginia Tech game today you realize that this offense does not belong in any championship games. The defense surely does, but the offense? No way. When the QB goes 12-22 for 142 yards with a fumble and it is an improvement over his previous 3 games, there is a problem.

I can only fathom that Ike Whitaker looks so unbelievably bad in practice during the week that the coaches won't give him a chance in the game. I wish Coach Beamer would go on record as to why Whitaker isn't getting more of a chance as the passing offense is so horrible. He was finally put in against Kent State with only 4 minutes left on his own 10 yard line. After a running play lost a yard on first down, Whitaker dropped back after a play action fake and made several guys miss to gain two yards and then he handed the ball off again on 3rd and 9. Those were his only snaps.

Now this goes beyond the typical "backup quarterback is always the most popular guy on campus" theory. I want some damn answers from the coaching staff because my claim is NOT that Whitaker's definitely the answer at QB, my claim is that the team needs to find out whether Whitaker is the answer. Why won't they give him a series in the first half? And after being up 6-0 on Kent State at halftime why on earth wouldn't that be the right time to try Ike Whitaker for the opening series of the second half. Can he be any worse? I suppose it's possible that he could be worse, but if he is, it will be readily apparent because Glennon has been bad, and anything worse than that is going to be obvious. If Whitaker was worse than what Glennon's been doing then I don't think the team would have even recruited him.

I have consistently repeated this since the beginning of the season - I like Sean Glennon. I was comfortable giving him the benefit of the doubt to lead this team as the team came out of the gate. I forgave him early season errors as this was his first season starting. But this is the 10th game and he has not improved. It's as if Frank Beamer, Mike O'Cain and Bryan Stinespring think that because they made a decision on who the starting QB would be in the pre-season they aren't allowed to change their mind after seeing the results. I still like Sean Glennon, I think he's a helluva Hokie and would be a solid back-up QB. But it's time to find out whether this team has a QB on the sidelines who can excel in Division I-A, whether it be Ike Whitaker or Cory Holt, or VT risks not only losing the game at Wake Forest next week but also falling short of its true potential in the future.

Mike Tomczak (a former quarterback in the NFL so he might know a thing or two about this) said it best early in the 4th quarter with his analysis after David Clowney made a PHENOMENAL leaping catch over double coverage, so I'll let his exact quote close this thing out - "I like this group of wide receivers. If they had a quarterback who could, you know, wing it a little bit, they would have a field day out there and be a better asset for this team."

The Hokies will never know if they don't try and find out.


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