Monday, November 13, 2006

Random Thought


I tried to research this and had no luck. I certainly don't remember it ever happening. When was the last time a team led the nation in total defense in consecutive years? The Hokies are number 1 right now and they have two very tough games left so there's a TON of work left to do to maintain that ranking. But if they are successful, will they be the first team to ever do that in consecutive years?

And before you dwell on that question, think about this - the Hokies were 12th in total defense following the Boston College game. They went from 12th to 1st playing Southern Miss, Clemson, Miami and Kent State. Wow.


Anonymous said...

Really cool thoughts J.

The craziest thing about it is that our Defense is putting upo those great nombers with an offense that cannot control the ball. All of the other top defenses have pretty decent offenses that help keep them off the field.

On a completely disgusting note, I just about puked when I read the notes from the Hokie Hotline last night.

Here are some highlights from Beamer:

'Right now the offense just needs time. Sean Glennon has played "very, very well." A couple of injuries on the offensive line set the team back, and there is a lot of youth. They have good coaches that know what they're doing.

Sean Glennon is throwing the ball well for the most part, and making good decisions for the most part. Mike O'Cain has done a good job working with him.

Ike Whitaker has talent, and they would like to take advantage of it, but it's really hard to get him on the field. But if they played both quarterbacks, and something went wrong with Ike, then THAT COULD KILL THE CHEMISTRY OF THE TEAM. Too many bad things can happen with the situation.

Florida State and Miami are having quarterback controversies, and look at how those teams are struggling.

Florida State and Miami have tried going with their backup quarterback, who happens to be more athletic than the starter, but it didn't work very well for them.'


To sum up: FSU and UM's QB situation have scared beamer away from any perception of a two qb system with an inexpierenced but talented QB.

Beamer's conservative approach has done us good in the past but this time he's going a little too far with it. Especially because the difference between UM and us is we have recievers that can make up for an inexpierenced QB.

Nothing to do I guess but hope Sean improves, but we can hope in one hand and cry in the other and I think I know which one will get filled first.


Brandon Flowers has the POWER!

MadJay said...

I hate platooning quarterbacks. Not knowing who's the starter does damage the chemistry of the team and I don't think the right answer is to start Glennon every remaining game and play Whitaker for a series or two. Beamer should be right to be scared about what Miami and Florida State have done and what he tried to do with Marcus Vick and Bryan Randall in 2003.

The answer to the dilemma is the following: you give Whitaker several series in the 2nd and/or 3rd quarters against Wake. Evaluate whether he has what it takes, if he moves the ball, if he leads to good drives and a score or two. If he does, keep him in the game and name him the starter for the Virginia game. If he does not, he has to wait until spring practice to battle for playing time.

This puts it all on the line for the young man and gives him an opportunity against a tough defense. The measuring stick is if he does as well as Glennon has been doing, so it's not as if the coaches are asking the world of the kid. This is put-up or shut-up time and all anyone can ask for is an opportunity. The Hokies have been eliminated from the ACC Championship so the right time to give Whitaker an opportunity is now and if he doesn't get in a game at a meaningful point, then buckle up for Sean Glennon in all of 2007 as well.

It is hard to get Whitaker on the field, and you can't play revolving door at QB. But Beamer gets paid a lot of money to make the hard decisions and this is one that he needs to make for the betterment of the team. Don't be fooled - the defense is starting to feel let down by the offense, as well, and if they see that Whitaker isn't the answer either then the defense as well as the fans will at least agree that the question is settled for the remainder of the year.