Sunday, December 24, 2006

The QB Situation

As you may have read on other sites (I believe it was broken on first), Ike Whitaker will not be coming to Atlanta for the Hokies' bowl game. Whitaker has decided to enter rehabilitation for an alcohol problem.

My Calm and Beloved Reader may recall Whitaker missing part of spring practice due to an alcohol-related transgression. That missed time may have been the difference between him winning the starting role instead of riding the pine the entire season.

We at TSF support Whitaker as he faces this challenge and hope that he overcomes his personal issues with alcohol regardless of how it may affect his ability to play on the football team. It is certainly a positive step that he acknowledged the problem and was proactive about doing something about it.

I also suggest that this explains a great deal about the coaches' decisions regarding Whitaker's playing time vs. Glennon this season. I was very tough on the coaches for not playing Whitaker more and I couldn't understand it. I figured he was practicing poorly or the coaches were dumb or scared to play him more. I certainly felt that the spring alcohol issue was isolated, but it obviously wasn't and I owe the coaches an apology for the harsh words.

Let's hope that Whitaker gets these issues behind him for his sake, but at this point it very likely resolves the starting QB issue for next year (if the decision wasn't finalized already). We, as Hokie fans, have to accept that our weak link next season is going to be QB play and hopefully the rest of the team can overcome it.

Watch for the TSF game preview of the Chick-Fil-A Bowl and have a Merry Hokie Christmas everyone!!!


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