Sunday, January 07, 2007

3 Key Plays - ChickFila Bowl


3 Key Plays:

1) Georgia recovers the onside kick after kicking a 50 yard FG that made the score 21-6. This gave them some major momentum and they drove down and scored a TD to make it 21-13. Coach Beamer had told the team to prepare for the onside kick because of the new kicker Georgia was using, but they didn’t take him seriously and leaned back away from the ball on kickoff. I nearly threw up watching this on replay at home after the game.
2) On the second play of the 4th quarter Glennon throws his second worst INT of the season (#1 was the shuffle pass INT against UVa). And the BS personal foul call on Eddie Royal after the play gave Georgia the ball at the VT 40. The proceeded to score a TD to tie the game at 21.
3) Despite the giant momentum shift towards Georgia, VT still had a chance, down by 7 with 3:41 to go and 1 timeout left when Beamer inexplicably decided to go for an onside kick. Georgia recovered and the anemic Hokies offense got the ball in terrible field position even though the defense stopped UGa for a 3 and out.

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