Monday, January 08, 2007

A few more QB comments


The first of what I'm sure will be many subtle comments was made about Hokie QB Sean Glennon. As reported at the Roanoke Times, Justin Harper when asked about his feelings on how 2006 ended up responded thusly:

“We just pat [Glennon] on the back, get ready for next year,” wideout Justin Harper said. “... I know from a receiver’s standpoint, we’re really looking forward to next year, whether Sean’s the quarterback, Cory, or the young boy [Taylor], we’re ready to take on the role.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

I also found this tidbit from

"The better quarterback theory
Because of the rust and the pressure of the national spotlight, the teams with the better, more experienced quarterbacks usually win. They’re able to pull off comebacks a bit easier, while they’re also less prone to make the big, game-changing mistake. Go right down the line and there were very few exceptions to the rule, and in most questionable cases, the quarterbacks were dead even. Houston’s Kevin Kolb is better than South Carolina’s Blake Mitchell, Purdue’s Curtis Painter is better than Maryland’s Sam Hollenbach, Nevada’s Jeff Rowe is better than Miami’s Kirby Freeman, Tennessee’s Erik Ainge is better than Penn State’s Anthony Morelli, and Nebraska’s Zac Taylor is better than Auburn’s Brandon Cox. That’s it. The lesser quarterback won in five out of 31 bowls so far, and in those cases, they played relatively well. "

This theory on was written prior to tonight's national title game, and I'm willing to bet that whichever QB plays better wins tonight as well. It's pretty simple math.

Update: Well Chris Leak's devastation of Troy Smith in the QB battle of the national title game makes it 27 for 32 where the QB who played as well or better than his opponent won the game.

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