Thursday, April 02, 2009

Question Five: The locker room

From College Game Balls:

From College Game Balls: "What kind of music do you think the team is bumping in the locker room? And is Beamer getting down? I know the '99 team was big into Method Man and Dr. Dre."

EhhTee reponds:

Did you see that Yanni put out an album with vocals? Yanni Voices is a big hit with the boys. “Yeah man, you should see these kids,” said Beamer in a recent interview.

“You ever see a 300 lb kid rock out to Nathan Pacheco and Ender Thomas?”, continued Beamer. “Well we got two, Sergio [Render] and Will [Alvarez.]”

Last year, Victor Harris was having none of it though. He would not allow the locker room to be filled with the sounds of Yanni. Coach Foster commented, “You know why I’m always yelling? It’s cause that Macho was always blasting the Kenny G in the lockers. I damn near lost my hearing.”

Truth be told it's all in each players iPods. Yanni, Kenny G, Barbara Streisand, you name it.

MadJay responds:

There's no music piped into the locker room that the whole team listens to. Each of the Hokies listens to their own music on their iPods. But this fall, just like always, whatever the popular hip-hop song is out at the time will be what the team will rally around in the post-game locker room following wins and supporting Beamer-Dances.

Where's the Ice responds:

There is no doubt in my mind that every player has his iPod loaded with nothing but Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, and Frank Sinatra. As for Beamber, he listens to whatever tunes to which he can do the Fancy Gap Tap Dance, probably Twisted Sister.

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