Thursday, April 02, 2009

Recrunik D Salivating For Football

Recruitnik D weighs in about his growing excitement.

Can't wait for this season to start! I'm really getting excited to see who wins the position battles this spring/summer. My biggest hopes are that Davis comes on strong to take over back-up QB and that we find a workable solution at DE before the Alabama game. I like the idea of moving Graves out to DE if it gets our 4 best DL out there. A D line of Graves, Taco, Hopkins, and Worilds would be sick! We would then have a 2 deep of Brown, Battle, D Taylor and B Taylor. Yes, that B Taylor, I can't see him staying at LB through the summer if he weighs 250+ pounds. We'll see...

OL seems to be playing out alright. At least we have some dependable guys in the pipeline now and we appear to be more athletic than lines of recent vintage. I like the high praise I've been reading about Nosal, Becton, and Via. I also think that the coaches wouldn't have moved painter to OG if they weren't comfortable with with Nosal and Becton backing-up OT. I hope Alvarez gets his $hit together though, he's got a world of talent and he should be ready to contribute.

I also can't wait to see how things shake out at CB, WR, and RB. We are loaded (and I mean really loaded, can you remember the last time we had so much talent at each of these 3 positions?) with talent at each of these positions so I'd put them low on my totem pole of concerns. Holy Crap!

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