Thursday, September 03, 2009

EhhTee's Picks (Week 1)

Okay, maybe I am a bit coo coo, but this year I will be doing EhhTee's Picks a little differently. I will still be picking seven or so games that will have some impact on the Hokies season. I will still be predicting a score. And I will still never pick the Hokies game. However, this year I will also be picking against the Vegas line [opening spread for you betters out there]. Not only will I make my predictions here, I'll be putting my money where my mouth is! That's right, EhhTee will be placing a nominal bet on my picks this season.

So that being said here is EhhTee's Picks for week one of the 2009 NCAA football season.

Oregon at Boise State
Line: Boise State -5.5
This match-up brings the world's ugliest uniforms to the world's ugliest field. This games at home so I'm going to have to go with Boise.

Pick: Boise State
Score: Boise State 35 - Oregon 27

South Carolina at NC State
Line: NC State -4
This is the other battle of SEC/ACC this weekend. The line indicates an almost wash between the two teams. However, I'm not only going to say South Carolina covers, but actually wins.

Pick: South Carolina
Score: USC 28 - NC State 14

Georgia at Oklahoma State
Line: Oklahoma State -5.5
Georgia covers, but loses.

Pick: Georgia
Score: Oklahoma State 39 - Georgia 36

Maryland at California
Line: California -21.5
Last year Maryland stunned the world with a victory over California. One couldn't figure out whether it was a fluke or not as the Terrapins were extremely inconsistent. The Bears might be looking for revenge but three touchdowns worth?

Pick: Yup! California
Score: Cal 42 - UMD 17

William & Mary at Virginia
Line: n/a
I wanted to do this game even though there is no line on the game. William & Mary may have a legitimate chance here and that's sad for Al Groh and the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers have struggled to put together a real team in years and this year will be no exception. UVA is in a rebuilding year and will get the scare of their lives in this game. W&M will be up at halftime but the Cavaliers pull it out.

Pick: UVA
Score: UVA 21 - W&M 17.

LSU at Washington
Line: LSU -15.5
The Tigers are again stacked and ready for the SEC race. Washington still struggles to return to some sort of consistency. Does LSU cover two plus touchdowns. A home game for the Huskies will allow them to cover.

Pick: Washington
Score: LSU 31 - UW 24

Brigham Young vs. Oklamoha
Line: Oklahoma -21
This one's tough. Oklahoma is once again stacked. Brigham Young has been known for their ability to put up points. Three touchtowns? Nope.

Pick: Brigham Young
Score: OU 42 - BYU 28

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Brent Hobbs said...

How many years now has UVA been rebuilding? Ha!