Sunday, October 11, 2009

3 Key Plays - VT vs. BC

This was the best performance by the Hokies in all three phases against a good team since a 52-14 pasting of UVa back in 2005. Here were the three key plays:

1) Ahead 3-0 in the 1st quarter the Hokies got down to the redzone for the 2nd straight time but lost yards on 2 consecutive plays to set-up a 3rd and 19 from the BC 24 yard line. Settling for another FG here would mean that the Hokies would have been dominant but BC would still be within a single score which could have changed the psychology of the game. Enter stage right, the magical Mr. Tyrod Taylor as he escaped from the clutches of a sure sack. With LB Luke Kuechly (who had a helluva game as a freshman and is going to be a beast) bearing down on him, Taylor unleashed a dart to WR Danny Coale in the back of the end zone to make the score 10-0 Hokies and the rout was on.

2) The 1st play of the 2nd quarter was a 31 yard dash down to the BC 1 yard line by Ryan Williams. This play was so emblematic of the offense on the day. It was a perfectly blocked play (including a great seal block by backup RG Greg Nosal), and Williams hit the hole right up the middle going 100 miles an hour. He then made two guys in the secondary whiff completely with two devastating cutbacks and powered the ball down to the 1 yard line where he would proceed to knock it in for the score a play later. Williams demonstrated his speed, moves and power on this long run, demoralizing the BC defense.

3) After holding the BC offense to their 4th straight "three and out", VT went for the jugular with a play action bomb from Taylor to WR Jarrett Boykin to make the score 24-0 Hokies in the middle of the 2nd quarter. This was the 4th straight drive the offense had scored and with the defense playing that 'old school' Hokie defense, it essentially put the game out of reach, assuring that the backups would be playing by the middle of the 3rd quarter on both sides of the ball. The reason this play was so key is that it perfectly illustrated the change in mentality by Coach Stinespring. Prior to this season we have always been so disappointed at the TIMES when the Hokies have taken their deep shots downfield. At ridiculous times, one might have said. But when you've got an opponent shell-shocked, going for the kill off of play-action AFTER the running game has been well-established was an absolutely PERFECT time to take a shot downfield. And just like in the Miami game, I would have been ok with it not being for a TD or even incomplete. Just seeing the offensive playcalling join the realm of the sane is so damn exhilarating and the level of execution has certainly gone up a few notches as well. This was an exciting play on many levels and deservedly was the one that made it onto all the Sportscenter recaps.


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