Wednesday, October 14, 2009

EhhTee's Picks (Seperation Week!)

This is an important week in college football. Five games will involve two ranked opponents. This includes the Hokies game in Atlanta against #19 Georgia Tech.

As for my picks last week was a mediocre week. Against the line I was 3-4. This makes be a very mediocre 17-24 overall. The picks were a little better at 5-2. Overall with the picks I'm 25-17.

Last Week's Results:

Nebraska @ MissouriAlabama @ Mississippi
Line: Nebraska -2Line: Alabama -6.5
Pick: NebraskaPick: Mississippi
Score: Nebraska 33 Mizzou 28Score: Alabama 31 - Ole Miss 27
Actual:Nebraska 27 - Mizzou 12Actual: Alabama 22 - Ole Miss 3

Wisconsin @ Ohio StateIndiana @ Virginia
Line: Ohio State -14.5Line: Virginia -6.5
Pick: WisconsinPick: Indiana
Score: Wisconsin 26 - Ohio St 31Score: Indiana 35 - UVA 17
Actual:Wisc. 13 - Ohio St 31Actual: Indiana 7 - UVA 47

Duke @ NC StateGA Tech @ FL State
Line: NC State -14.5Line: FSU -2.5
Pick: DukePick: GT
Score: Duke 24 - NC State 17Score: GT 42 - FSU 17
Actual: Duke 49 - NC State 28Actual: GT 49 - FSU 44

Florida @ LSUThis Week (Overall)
Line: Florida -9.5Line: 3-4 (17-24)
Pick: LSUPicks: 5-2 (25-17)
Score: Florida 19 - LSU 35
Actual: Florida 13 - LSU 3

This Week's Picks:
#6 Boise State (5-0) @ Tulsa (4-1)
Line: Boise State -10

Boise State faces what many are calling their last great challenge. The BCS suits will probably praying to the football gods for a Tulsa victory. However, they can relax. When the BCS numbers come out next week, Boise State's schedule will hurt them in the end.

Pick: Boise State
Score: Boise State 43 - Tulsa 27

#9 Cincinnati (5-0) @ #21 South Florida (5-0)
Line: Cincinnati -2.5

Poor Bearcats and the Big Least. Even if Cincinnati wins out, the likelihood of them playing for the national title are basically nil. The Big East is just not reputable enough to give them the respect to earn a ticket. No matter, the Bulls will eliminate that possibility anyway.

Pick: South Florida
Score: Cincinnati 10 - South Florida 17

#5 USC (4-1) @ #25 Notre Dame (4-1)
Line: USC -11

USC and the Hokies are comparably the two best one-loss teams. USC lost early to a terrible Washington but beat Ohio State. The Hokies lost late to arguably the best team in the country in Alabama. Notre Lame is looking to redeem their slow start with a signature win. I give you my upset of the week as Notre Lame tries to prove that they are at least better than the Washington Redskins.

Pick: Notre Lame
Score: USC 24 - Notre Lame 27

#22 South Carolina (5-1) @ #3 Alabama (6-0)
Line: Alabama -17.5

South Carolina can prove to be a formidable opponent. At 5-1 the Gamecocks are off to one of their best starts. Alabama is, however, just too well focused.

Pick: Tide rolls
Score: South Carolina 13 - Alabama 45

Texas Tech (4-2) @ #17 Nebraska (4-1)
Line: Nebraska -6

Nebraska is one of two teams that would be [insert U-word here] if it were not for the Hokies. (Miami is the other.) Texas Tech has proven to be the spoiler in recent years and they have quite a potent offense putting up 2661 passing yards through six games. Nebraska escapes this weekend but not by the line.

Pick: Texas Tech
Score: TT 21 - Nebraska 24

Virginia (2-3) @ Maryland (2-4)
Line: Virginia -4

This could be the battle of the worst two teams in the ACC. This game will give us good insight into just how bad. Virginia was able to sneak in a win against UNC and put up big numbers against Indiana.Maryland is at home and that's perhaps their only advantage... but it'll be enough.

Pick: Maryland
Score: UVA 21 - UMD 28

Game of the Week
The Red River Rivalry
#18 Oklahoma (3-2) vs. #2 Texas (5-0)

Line: Texas -2.5

Oklahoma's Sam Bradford returned last week and picked up where he left off defeating Baylor soundly. Star receiver Ryan Broyles may also return for the Texas game.

Texas may be down its two starting running backs in Vondrell McGee and Tre' Newton. If they're not able to play Saturday, the Sooners defense will be able to pretty much dial in on quarterback Colt McCoy.

Should these injuries keep the two boys off the field, Oklahoma will be able to pull off this win and keep their Big 12 title hopes alive.

Pick: Oklahoma
Score: Oklahoma 34 - Texas 24

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