Sunday, October 24, 2010

3 Key Plays - VT vs. Duke

1) On the opening series of the game, Duke had converted several 3rd downs and had pushed the ball down to the Hokie 35 yd line where they faced 4th and 7. Instead of punting, they decided to go for it and DT Antoine Hopkins blew through the middle and sacked QB Sean Renfree for a loss of 8 yds. This was key for several reasons. It ended the only real threat the Devils would put on the entire first half, it gave the defense confidence and it gave the Hokie offense the ball in good field position where they drove it down and scored an opening touchdown to go up 7-0. A huge, set-the-tone play.

2) Trailing 14-0, with 13:24 left in the 2nd quarter, Duke switched QB's to true freshman Brandon Connette. Welcome to Lane Stadium young man as he proceeded to throw an INT to DB Jayron Hosley. That Hosley is so hot right now! He's like a firecracker! This play basically sealed the game as it gave the Hokies the ball on the Blue Devil 24 yd line where they pounded in a 3rd TD and basically ended any real threat of losing the game for the Hokies.

3) Facing 3rd and 3 at his own 20 yd line with 8:00 left in the game, backup QB Logan Thomas had thrown 7 straight incompletions from the time he'd entered the game. Two of those passes were on target and dropped, but still 0-7 is a tough line to build confidence with as a QB. However, Thomas delivered a good ball to WR Marcus Davis for a 6 yd gain and a first down. This little completion kept the drive alive, giving Thomas more reps AND he proceeded to go 6-7 to end the game which has to be a huge boost for his confidence that he can go in and play ball at this level. Some of his throws after that completion to Davis were absolute DARTS and he also moved the ball with his feet. Exciting stuff and it all happened because Thomas got that completion to get on track.


Illinois Hokie said...

A firecracker? Boom goes the dynamite, I suppose.

MadJay said...

You have to watch the outtakes of Zoolander, IH.