Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chips and Dips

The Hokies took care of business demolishing the Central Michigan Chippewas 45-21. The 21 is slightly misleading as 7 of those came on the Chippewas' opening drive and rest of the points were scored late in the game.

MadJay outlined three goals that the Hokies needed to reach in order to dominate. While they failed to meet goal 1: to jump out big early, they did eventually jump out and held a comfortable lead throughout the game. They had opportunities to have two interceptions that could have dramatically changed the game but failed to secure the ball both times. Goals 2 and 3 were definitely met, and we were able to see some play from many of the non-starters and play a complete game.

The Hokies defense came out aggressive and the Chippewas were able to move the ball through the use of short passes along the outside. Ryan Radcliff appeared very comfortable distributing the ball, while the Hokies rush was not able to get to him quickly enough. Central Michigan went up seven with a perfect play action throw to Jerry Harris. The defense played well but were just beat by heads up play calling.

However, Tech followed this up with a bang. On the second play from scrimmage Tyrod Taylor off of a speed option outran everyone for 72 yards and the touchdown.

After a three and out by the Chips, Bryan Stinespring called his classic play that never works: a play action deep ball. It's a play that he notoriously calls on first down at the start of a drive (usually the first offensive play of the game.) It's so predictable, it's sick. The Hokies also went three and out.

Both defenses clamped down through the rest of the first quarter. The Hokies missed two easy interceptions that could have changed the game dramatically. But overall, the defense seemed to get back in groove after the opening drive.

To open up the second quarter, the Hokies drove methodically down field, with the help of the men in stripes who called two, albeit legitimate, pass interference calls, for another touchdown. The drive was capped by a Darren Evans touchdown run of six yards.

This was Evans' second touch of seven for the day. I know that scoreboard was in Tech's favor in the end, but I don't understand why they were not running all over the Chippewas. David Wilson would also only have seven. Taylor ran the most with nine carries. It's scary to see him be the leading rusher time in and time out. With Wilson and Evans, Tech has them as their respective backups. RMFW will be back at some point. With Taylor we only have, yet to really be tested, Logan Thomas. I hold my breathe every time he takes off down field.

On the next drive, Davon Morgan took advantage of a floater from Radcliff. The Hokies would only get three more points to go up 17-7. The defense was unbelievably efficient through the rest of the game until the coaches decided to start swapping out the starters. (Even then they faired pretty well.) Outside of the first drive, the Hokies held the Chippewas to 202 total yards and 0 points excluding the first drive in the first three quarters.

Meanwhile, Taylor worked the field one more time in the first half culminating in a 7-yard touchdown pass to Andre Smith.

The third quarter was a bore with only one good drive of note. On essentially three big plays the Hokies scored another touchdown to go up 31-7. Taylor threw a screen to Evans who took it 15-yards, threw a 39-yard strike to Jarrett Boykin, and ran a 15-yard scamper for Taylor's second rushing touchdown.

They opened the fourth with a 68-yard beautiful run by Wilson. The Chippewas turned around and produced an impressive drive to match the opening drive touchdown.

The Hokies came out with Taylor with 10:45 to go in the fourth quarter. He received a standing ovation as he left the game after four plays. Logan Thomas came in at quarterback. Thomas came in and went 1 for 2 and fumbled only to recover it. The Hokies would be forced to punt.

The defense came out mostly with the younger players. They held well and Jayrod Hosley off of the punt was able to glide by the defense with the assistance of a wall of blockers.

Thomas and the offense came out again only to have Tony Gregory fumble on his first carry. This set up the Chippewas' last touchdown giving them there full 21 points.

Overall, this was a very complete game for the Hokies. There were some missed executions but in general they were very few.

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