Friday, March 25, 2011

40 yard dash times

Two years ago we posted a breakdown using the video footage of the 40 yard dash times for various Hokies. Strangely, despite my bitching and moaning (what, that doesn't really change things in the real world?) the Hokies still perform hand timed 40 yard dashes during the Pro Day event with NFL scouts and VT coaches all performing the task and comparing notes to come up with the "official" time for the player. Again, it just makes sense for the players and scouts and all involved to use electronic timing. Consider this - the times that I calculated from the video runs of Tyrod Taylor, John Graves and Ryan Williams 2 years ago were all within 0.05 seconds of the actual time they ran at the NFL combine. And just as I predicted from the video, Taylor was faster than his time. To be fair, I may have been wrong about Ryan Williams, I thought he would get faster and he got a little bit slower - maybe it was the not-fully-recovered hammy?

So again, in the absence of the Hokies using their engineering school as a resource to get this done correctly, I will review the video and post the times of all the Hokies (within 0.033 seconds accuracy) whose performances were captured on Beamerball.

Jarrett Boykin (WR) - 4.6 sec
Mark Carter (DB) - 4.5 sec
Telvion Clark (LB) - 4.63 sec
Ju-Ju Clayton (QB) - 4.93 sec
Danny Coale (WR) - 4.53 sec
Chris Drager (TE) - 5.01 sec
Antone Exum (DB) - 4.6 sec
Corey Fuller (WR) - 4.53 sec
James Gayle (DE) - 4.53 sec
Jayron Hosley (DB) - 4.53 sec
Cris Hill (DB) - 4.47 sec
Josh Oglesby - 4.63 sec
Bruce Taylor (LB) - 4.96 sec
Logan Thomas (QB) - 4.7 sec
Alonzo Tweedy (LB) - 4.47 sec
Ricardo Young (QB) - 4.53 sec
David Wilson (RB) - 4.37 sec

So what sticks out? First of all, the "super-fast" reported time run by Mark Carter must have either been on a different run, or the handtiming was off because he was clearly in the 4.5 range.

Secondly the reports of David Wilson and James Gayle being ridiculous were spot on. Wilson ran a 4.37 which is just blazing and Gayle ran an unbelievable 4.53, which is as fast or faster than any WR that ran. He has the chance to be a terror from the defensive end spot.

One of the underrated runs was that of Logan Thomas. He had such a slow terrible start - I guess it takes a while to get all those gangly limbs going. But he trucked it on home in 4.7 seconds so it's obvious that once he gets up to top speed he really covers some ground. I wish he would spend a few weeks working with the track team - once spring practice is over - on getting a good start to his dash. He has the potential to run a 4.6 second 40 yard dash for certain, which, at his size, would be really attractive to the NFL.

On the disappointing side, I was astonished by Bruce Taylor's run of nearly 5 seconds. I can only imagine it was a bad run, or he was hurt somehow. Either that, or he doesn't lose any speed in his football gear because he doesn't play that slow. Chris Drager definitely made the right move in going back to TE as there are very few successful defensive ends in the NFL that run 5+ seconds in the 40 yard dash.

Well, spring practice is almost here and we are getting excited to see all this speed translated onto the field.


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barber15 said...

From knowing Mark Carter personally I can tell you that he is faster than 4.5, back in high school he would run a nose slower than Wilson. The actual 40 times showed that so I would trust them. And if you don't believe me then ask any of the players on the team and they'll tell you the same thing.