Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coach of the Ever

Bud Foster is, in my mind, a top 5 all-time defensive coach in the history of college football. He has helped Coach Beamer build a program up from being a nobody to knocking on the door of the Elite Programs Club. The statistical evidence is there for everyone to see, but on top of that, I'd like to highlight a great post by Kyle Tucker who transcribed Coach Foster's interview with the media this morning.

In it, you'll read some things that we identified at TSF were problems last year that usually you don't hear coaches discuss (i.e. the poor play at rover). And you'll read a frank assessment of the goods and bads of this year's defense.

One aspect that really blew me away is just how few seniors there are in the two deep on defense this season. There are literally two - Eddie Whitley (an all-time favorite here at TSF) and Cris Hill. That is an amazing amount of youth for Coach Foster to work with and given this season and next, combined with the level of defensive talent in the past two recruiting classes, the greatest defensive coach in ever, is bound to do some pretty amazing things.

Here on the eve of Spring Practice 2011, we are getting fired up.


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