Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In The Year 2000...

Okay, 1999 really.

While we wait for summer practice to begin I thought I'd post a bit of nostalgia. In the next few weeks I'll post little bits of the past. HokieNotes, the original name of TechSuperFans started out as an email to a bunch of die hard fans. From there, it became a newsletter posted first to what was then called but now is called Yahoo!Groups.

I wrote the following passage in HokieNotes Vol 01.006:

Blacksburg Bound
This time tomorrow, I will be a Sharky's Supermug drinking, Record Exchange CD purchasing, Mike's Grill Calzone eating, Drill Field lounging, at the game voice-losing, good-times having, Clemson fan bashing, ESPN ranting, Hokie fool. Hoping to catch a glimpse of something in Vick that will show me why he's been hyped so much.

Hmm, 31-7 was a good score for the day. However, Vick wasn't spectacular. In fact, he was borderline disastrous. He had 3 interceptions in 17 throws. He completed only 7 passes for 88 yards. Clemson netted 67 yards on those three interceptions. Ouch.

I remember the game vividly. My friend Matty and I were nervously clutching onto hope and fearing the obvious turn in momentum late in the fourth quarter with the Hokies barely holding on to a lead as Shayne Graham kicked a field goal to give the Hokies a 17-11 advantage. But Clemson had had success driving down the field and were doing so again with their drive that started with 5:00 to go. But then, the miracle that is Corey Moore happened.

Two almost back to back plays (the only thing in between was the PAT, the kickoff, and two completed passes; but I will always remember them as back to back -- it's more epic that way) by Mr. Moore gave the Hokies the definitive win. The first was a sack that forced Clemson's Brandon Streeter to throw the ball into the hands of Ike Charlton. Charlton ran with it into the end zone. The second sack force a fumble and, well, Moore decided he wanted to take that one to grandma's house himself.

By the way, Corey, I'm pretty sure you know this, but Lane Stadium isn't a dome.

As it once was and as it will forever will be: "Llamas are not included."

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MadJay said...

Tremendous game, tremendous night and I like the idea of a look back EhhTee. You are much more stylish these days (best profile pic on Facebook), but you were funnier back then.