Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another HokieNotes Post

After a scare at West Virginia -- I can't believe I didn't write about that game -- the Hokies continued their march to the national championship game and went up to Philadelphia with an 9-0 record. The previous year, the Temple Owls stunned the Hokies with a major upset. Back then, it was the worst loss in Tech's history as a top 25 team. As of last season, we now all know that is no longer true.

Taken from HokieNotes 01.014 on November 18th, 1999:

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold
Philadelphia, PA -- Homecoming. A 5-0 season. A possible clinched tie for the Big East championship. October 17th, 1998: the darkest day in Tech history.

One year, one month, and six days later, Tech will have its chance to take apart the demons that caused it.

The Hokies will travel to Philadelphia to take on the Temple Owls. The Owls, who are 2-7, shall have they're hands full as Corey Moore and the rest of the Hokies won't let them forget how much that hurt last year.

Corey Moore will also be on everyone's case to put in 100 percent all game long.

I want a hundred points.

The Owls took the first possession of the game down the field for a touchdown and all of a sudden folks were murmuring "Can it happen again?" Well, the Hokies did not allow them to score again and while they didn't score 100 points, they did manage 62.

This video shows both the good and the bad of Michael Vick. It also highlights how atrocious Tech's offensive line was that year.

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