Thursday, December 08, 2011

Shots Fired On Campus; Policeman Shot, One more victim

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Update - 13:47 -
If you have any information regarding this incident, please call the tip line at: 540-231-6411.

Update - 13:55 -
Officer and second person shot and died. During a routine traffic stop in the Cassell Coliseum parking lot, a police officer has been shot by suspect. Suspect took off on foot in the direction of the Cage. Suspect is at large and is potentially armed and dangerous. Shelter in place. Stay indoors.

Update - 14:16 -
No news from campus at this time. Roughly two hours into the incident. Andy Bitter was in the middle of his live chat at the time the incident occurred. Andy Bitter

Reaction by Virginia Tech administration was immediate and swift. Alarms signalling the lockdown were blaring across campus within minutes of the initial incident. Students and faculty were immediately alerted via text, twitter, and the web.

This is an ongoing matter as students prepare for finals which are scheduled to start tomorrow.
Multiple jurisdictions of officers are on site. Virginia State Police has taken over investigation. Police are sweeping building by building. Reports indicated Squires Student Center has been cleared.
Montgomery County Public Schools are also on lockdown. Parents being informed that schools will not be let out on time this afternoon.
Multiple reports of additional shootings are unfounded. Right now, only known shootings are the original two.
A Wahoo just brought up a good point. Unless you are directly affected, try to stay off of so that those that are can get access to the site for information that they need.
Finals for Friday Dec. 9th postponed.
Update - 15:12 -
Virginia Tech spokesperson Mark Owczarski reports that status of suspect is unknown. Information about second victim is still unknown.
Update - 15:56 -
Montgomery County Schools are being dismissed. Expect school buses to arrive home 60 to 90 minutes late.

High schools and middle schools will be dismissed first. Followed by elementary schools. Parents can pick up children in an orderly manner at the schools.
Update - 16:27 -
Press conference starting shortly. Unconfirmed report coming from NBC-Washington that the gunman is the second body found in the Cage.

Virginia Tech Police confirm that a weapon was found near the second body.
From Virginia Tech on Facebook: "Law enforcement agencies have determined there is no longer an active threat or need to secure in place. Resume normal activities."
Update - 16:39 -
Confirmed from LEO, suspect is the second victim. Suspect is also suspected of an armed robbery and carjacking in Radford, VA.

Live stream of press conference.
Police not releasing name of slain officer nor information regarding the second victim found in the Cage due to on going investigation.
Suspect was not in the vehicle that was stopped by the officer. According to VA State Police, the suspect "walked up to the officer."
VT ALERT was used 6 times, including within 7-8 minutes of the initial 9-1-1 call.
The press conference is winding down. Campus appears to be safe. Blacksburg Transit has resumed service.

I'm going to sign off for now. I will see what more I can find out and update you as I can. The official word is that campus is now safe and the case is still under investigation and details are not being released as of yet.

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