Sunday, November 22, 2009

3 Key Plays - VT vs. NC State

1) On 2nd and 10 on his own 20 yd-line and down 3-0, NC State QB Russell Wilson scrambled away from pressure and found a wide open WR Darrell Davis on the far sideline. But as Davis struggled to get a first down, senior Cody Grimm came rushing up and knocked the ball out of Davis' hands while fellow senior Stephan Virgil fell on the loose ball before it went out of bounds. The turnover led to the Hokies' first touchdown. This was Grimm's 2nd forced fumble in 3 plays and he would go on to force a third fumble on the first play of the following NC State series on a run by Toney Baker (though the Wolfpack recovered that one). I doubt there's any way to find this out, but certainly, this has to be the first time in the history of college football that one player forced 3 fumbles in a span of 4 plays by an offense. By the way, the official box score incorrectly gives credit for the forced fumble by Baker to Hokie senior DE Nekos Brown. Brown was in on the tackle but Grimm hit Baker from the back side and knocked the ball loose.

2) At the very end of a wild 1st quarter, VT was up 10-7 and had the ball on a 2nd and 15 play at the NC State 19 yd line. Tyrod Taylor one-upped his play against Maryland last week by throwing a 17 yard pass to Jarrett Boykin while in the midst of being sacked by TWO NC STATE DEFENDERS. The play gave the Hokies a 1st and goal and sprung open what had been a close game. Without this play, it's very likely the Hokies would have had to settle for 3 points here, keeping the Wolfpack within one score. But this play by Taylor seemed to break the spirit of the NC State defense and they didn't look the same the rest of the way as the Hokies would hang another 4 TD's on them. That might seem like a lot to put on one play, but if you didn't see it, check the highlights at the 4:17 mark. The kid is a miracle worker.

3) On the opening drive of the 3rd quarter the Hokies blasted their way down the field, capped by a miraculous 19-yd TD run by RB Ryan Williams. The run made the score 31-10 and put the game out of reach. It also was the first time the Hokies have gotten the ball to open the 2nd half this season and it was an impressive drive that set the tone for the entire half. But this run is one I that will forever be etched into my memory because Williams dragged an NC State defensive back 12 yds. I've seen players get dragged before, but this was different. The Wolfpack player was basically laying on the ground with one hand holding Williams' jersey. He dragged this player behind him like one of those training tires they tie to players' waists in running drills during the offseason. It was an incredibly impressive display of power and will. Don't believe me? Check the 0:28 mark of this video. Whew.

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