Monday, November 16, 2009

TSF Poll (Week 11)

Texas Christian makes the leap to #2, while Florida falls to #4, tied with Cincinnati. Poor performance on the field may be the key reason for the fall. The middle has been all jumbled after several losses. Ohio State leaps into the top 10 while USC falls off the poll. FYI, other than those that are currently undefeated, the two teams with the longest winning streak: Georgia Tech and Temple. THAT'S RIGHT: TEMPLE!

Temple received 4 points and fell just short of making the top 25. Other's receiving votes: Arizona (3), Miami (3), USC (3), West Virginia (1).

1 Alabama (3)75
2 Texas Christian68
3 Texas67
4 Cincinnati66
4 Florida66
6 Boise State60
7 Georgia Tech59
8 Pittsburgh55
9 LSU49
10Ohio State47
12Oklahoma State42
13Penn State36
18Virginia Tech22
19Brigham Young20
22North Carolina13
23Clemson 12
24Mississippi 9
25Oregon State 7

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