Sunday, September 26, 2010

3 Key Plays - VT vs. BC

1) With the score tied at 0-0 in the first quarter, the Eagles were in scoring position, facing 3rd and goal from the Hokie 11 yd-line. CB Jayron Hosley made an enormous play, reading QB Dave Shinskie and jumping about 24 feet in the air to snag an interception in the end zone and give Tech the ball back. It led to the Hokies' sole TD drive of the game on offense.

2) With 15 seconds left in the first half, and the Hokies leading 7-0, the Eagles again had driven down to the Hokie 11 yd-line, but this time they were out of timeouts. Football dictates that you take one shot at the end zone and if it's not there, the QB throws the ball away immediately so that you at least get a gimme FG. BC QB Dave Shinskie decided to try and run for it and SS Davon Morgan made a huge effort play to drag Shinskie down at the 1 yd-line. End of half, and the Hokies still led 7-0.

3) Facing 2nd and 22 and trailing 16-0 with 3:00 left in the 3rd quarter, backup Eagle QB Mike Marscovetra had the only real shot for the Eagles in the 2nd half. He threw a deep jump ball up for 6'6" WR Ifeanyi Momah. Momah pushed off on the play (didn't get flagged for it) and grabbed the ball, but couldn't hang on to it as he landed. It was incomplete, Marscovetra was sacked on the 3rd down play and the Hokie defense dominated the rest of the way.

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