Monday, September 20, 2010

Boston College Preview

Virginia Tech heads up to Chestnut Hill tomorrow to play a 2-0 Boston College Eagles. However, Weber State and Kent State aren't exactly good measuring sticks. so it's heard to really measure how good the Eagles are. The Eagles struggled early to produce points early against their last opponent Kent State. However, the defense produced five turnovers.

Meanwhile, the Hokies finally got a victory. They also struggled early and trailed at the half against the East Carolina Pirates. Thankfully, the defense came alive in the second half sparked by better tackling and two huge interceptions by Rashad "Rock" Carmichael and the Hokies were able to dominate and win.

Coach Frank Beamer has been quoted that this wasn't "Our [the coaching staff's] first rodeo." That they are working to improve the shortcomings that led to the losses and to the troubles in the first half. Hopefully, the success the Hokies had in the second half last weekend is an indication of things to come.

Notable injury report (well there's just one entry,) the Hokies are going to be without Ryan (RMFW) Williams. Darren Evans and David Wilson had good games against ECU, so I'm not to worried about Williams. Nick Becton saw snaps in the game against the Pirates, so I imagine we'll see a lot more of him at LT. This is good news for Tyrod Taylor as hopefully the additional depth will protect his backside better.

The Hokies will travel for their first road game. This is also their conference opener. If the Hokies can salvage anything this season, including a shot at the ACC title, it all begins tomorrow at noon.

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