Sunday, September 12, 2010

I, A Hokie, An Open Apology To The Broncos

Yesterday was embarrassing. I, a Hokie, must apologize to the Bronco Nation.

In the days to come, it falls on my shoulders to review this game (it's an unwritten rotation that the TSF writers have agreed upon).

But tonight/early morrow, I only can think (as the newest fan on the possibility of a BCMess bust by Boise St) that we, the HokieNation have done a disservice to your nation.

This loss does nothing but ruin... I mean absolutely demolish... any claim you can make about beating a solid team.

That, my college football friends, is the most painful aspect of this loss: A team can no longer claim that a victory over the Hokies is a big deal...

I'm going to try to cry myself to sleep now.

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