Tuesday, September 23, 2008

EhhTee's Picks Results (Week 4)

Well, ECU let them slip again. Wake is emerging as the clear favorite in the Atlantic Division. Ohio State is starting to prove that they are still overrated.

EhhTee's Picks (Week 4 Results)
WVU 24 WVU 14 0-1 4-4
Colorado 17 Colorado 17
The Big East is in real dire straits. Embarassed twice on consecutive Thursdays.
UGA 51 UGA 27 1-1 5-4
ASU 7 ASU 10
A lot of folks were calling for the upset. I didn't see the game so I can't tell you how close it really was.
LSU 39 LSU 26 2-1 6-4
Auburn 13 Auburn 21
Auburn held in there better than I thought they would.
Troy 6 Troy 10 3-1 7-4
OSU 42 OSU 28
Don't let the score fool you. This one was NOT a blow out. Troy had OSU's number deep into the third quarter. OSU finally broke it open on sheer depth alone.
ECU 17 ECU 24 4-1 8-4
ECU disappointed me last week with a meager showing at Tulane. I just had the feeling that they would not be able to pull it this year. A shame really. I've always liked the program.
WFU 15 WFU 12 4-2 8-5
FSU 34 FSU 3
What can I say? Maybe Wake is for real this year.

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