Thursday, September 18, 2008

EhhTee's Picks (Week 4)

Today we'll be visiting the teams with something to prove. These teams have all had a little bite taken out of their collective hype and this week will look to show the pollsters they've still got it.

#21 West Virginia @ Colorado
With a relatively important game tonight for both teams, it will also give us better insight into what WVU's loss to ECU really meant.

West Virginia with something to prove. Pick: WVU 24 - Colorado 17

#3 Georgia @ Arizona State
Georgia has won their last two games but fell a spot in the polls each week, going from #1 to #3. That hasn't happened since 1985. The team that did that in 1985? The team that just passed them to the #2 spot Oklahoma.

A Georgia smack down. Georgia 51 - Arizona State 7

#6 LSU @ #10 Auburn
Auburn fell last week after winning by the second third lowest possible score, 3-2 against Mississippi State. Multiple missed field goals, sloppy play all around, in perfectly good weather. They have to do against a very potent LSU team.

Sorry Tigers. LSU 39 - Auburn 13

Troy @ #13 Ohio State
Ouch. Sorry Troy. Here comes Achilles. And by Achilles I mean Beanie Wells. Troy will get stomped as Ohio State looks to recover from last week's embarassment.

Troy gets sacked by the Poisonous Nuts. Troy 6 - OSU 42

#15 ECU @ NC State
ECU didn't fair as expected in the Big Easy. They had some serious trouble with Tulane and that's a bit disappointing. After knocking off two (then) ranked opponents ECU struggled against a bottom dwelling Green Wave. NC State is another bottom dweller, but not as low. Does ECU get it together and sweep up the Wolfpack?

Upset special. ECU 17 - NC State 27

Game of the Week
#18 Wake Forest @ #24 Florida State
Who would have thunk that Wake Forest would be the best team in the ACC right now? Who would have thunk that Florida State would break into the rankings this year and that a non-ranked Seminoles team is more the norm these days? This one's gonna show who's for real and who's pretending.

Pretend is not a word in Bobby Bowden's vocabulary. WFU 15 - FSU 34

Technically, the VT @ UNC game is the game of the week, but as you know I never predict a Tech game in EhhTee's Picks. The game will broadcast on ABC and at 3:30.


Lefty said...

Isn't 3-2 the third lowest possible score? 2-0 and 3-0 being the lowest.

Anand "EhhTee" Trivedi said...

Touche, Lefty! Touche!

C Gally said...

Yo MadJay (or any of you fellas), a prediction on the game for

Shoot me an email. You too could win a women's bowling trophy.

Lefty said...

Sorry Mr. Ehhtee, just bored at work.

MadJay said...

c gally,
EhhTee is our game prediction guru and as has been the case for years, TSF never picks the VT game. Yes we are superstitious. We also never mention a particular word that starts with the letter U and means that you don't have a loss.


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