Friday, September 12, 2008

The Return of EhhTee's Picks

That's right SuperFans, your favorite feature is back. I'm starting with week three, but heck better late than never. Besides, I'm glad I didn't start earlier. I don't think anyone would have predicted last night's UNC 44 over Rutgers 12 walloping.

So lets begin:

12:00 PM #23 Cal at Maryland
This would be a great game for the ACC -- coming off of a dismal pair of weeks -- to redeem itself. Although UNC's win last night was impressive, it was over Rutgers and another struggling conference, the Big East. The two conferences had a terrible showing over the last two weeks. Cal has had an impressive win over Michigan State and blew out Washington State. Maryland barely beat Delaware and lost to Middle Tennessee. Ouch.

Although they're at home the Terrapins won't survive this one. Cal 31 - Maryland 14.

12:00PM Navy @ Duke
Navy's coming off a loss to Ball State on the national stage. Navy had looked impressive on paper coming into the season and looked as if they might have an impressive season. Navy is 1-1.

Duke has the same record, beating JMU and losing to Northwestern. Duke appears to have a high powered offense.

Navy comes in lackadasically and Duke comes out on fire. Duke 25 - Navy 16.

12:00 PM NC State at Clemson
Two words Death Valley.

Clemson handily beats the Wolfpack. Clemson 44 - NC State 17.

Shut out special:

03:00 PM #14 East Carolina at Tulane
Hurricane Ike is going to miss The Big Easy so it's game on. The Green Wave are no match for the plundering Pirates. The Pirates have batted down two BCS conference teams, one of which had MFC aspirations. Both the Hokies and the Mountaineers couldn't handle ECU... and neither will Tulane.

RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.... East Carolina 27 - Tulane 0.

03:43 PM Michigan at Notre Lame
3:43???? What the heck is that? Michigan and Notre Lame square off and the only reason anyone's paying attention is that it's Michigan and Notre Lame. Both teams have fizzled into mediocrity and this can only be a game of who stinks less.

Michigan smiles while Touchdown Jesus switches sides and cheers for the Wolverines: Michigan 24 - Notre Lame 17.

Upset special:
#10 Wisconsin at #21 Fresno State
The Badgers have won decisively in their first two games including a crushing of We Are... Marshall. However, they open up conference play next week with Michigan and in two weeks Ohio State.

Fresno opened up by thrashing Rutgers, who appear to have returned to the days of old. Fresno is at home. They are well equipped on both sides of the ball.

The Badgers look too far ahead: Fresno State 17 - Wisconsin 10.

Game of the Week:
#5 Ohio State at #1 USC
Everyone and their grandmother is talking up this game. Unfortunately, everyone knows what happens to Ohio State in the big game. This game is so played up, I don't even want to write another bit about it.

Condoms over Poisonous Nuts. USC 49 - Ohio State 31.


Anonymous said...

What about our game? My pick

Virginia Tech: 10 Georgia Tech: 17

or possibly

Virginia Tech: 17 Georgia Tech: 24

I think it will be a low scoring long game if our offense pulls the same crap they did last week. However I think most of our points will come from the defense. But Georgia Tech's offense looks threatening. I decided to go against the spread and choose the underdog.

Anand "EhhTee" Trivedi said...

Those of you that follow EhhTee's Picks should know that I never pick our game. Not on the blog anyway.

Hokie Guru said...

ehhtee, UMD did not look like the team that got their butt handed to them by MTSU (who almost beat Kentucky)... they beat the sh*t out of Cal... Darrius Heyward-bey looked damn good... as did UMD's offensive line... they were blowing people off the ball... makes me a bit nervous about that Thursday night showdown in Blacksburg... but, hey, as the Beer Control Offense blog says, I think all of our Hokie games are going to be nailbitters this year... makes you wonder what is up with the ACC... last week, we looked like trash... this week, UMD beats Cal, UNC beats Rutgers (although, now the Big East is the worst BCS conference), Duke beats Navy... the Boohoohoos still looked like Virginia, though... they got their butt handed to them by UConn.

I suppose you know this, but the Virginia Tech Men's Basketball team cracked Dicky V's Top 20.