Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tyrod Taylor loses the redshirt - what?!

We at TSF nearly lost our mind about the coaches' decision to remove the redshirt from Tyrod Taylor. In fact, I had worked on a big write-up lambasting the decision as being short-sighted, and failing to grasp the ill effects of such indecisiveness on the rest of the team.

I couldn't even start on it until yesterday because I was so volcanic over the decision that I got ill. But now after a few days, some perspective has come to me and I'm going to hold off on weighing in on this definitively until I see what happens against Furman and Georgia Tech. You have to wait for the Georgia Tech game because the Hokies may not want to tip their hand against the Paladins.

A small spark of a theory has popped into my head that the coaching staff may have thought, prior to the ECU game, they could compete for the ACC Coastal Division due to the immense weakness of the rest of the division. Then, after seeing the loss and failing to put the proper blame on themselves, the staff decided that in order to compete for the ACC Coastal, Tyrod Taylor would have to play. If Taylor gets the vast majority of snaps over the next two games, then this is a decision I can get behind because I agree that Taylor gives them the best chance to win. It would also help him in 2009 to develop a rhythm with this wide receiver corps over the course of the season.

If, however, the ill-fated QB tandem is used in the next two games, and Taylor is not the starter, I will give in to the fury as the decision to remove the redshirt at that point is simply nonsense.

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