Monday, September 08, 2008

Quick Response To Glennon...

On Kyle Tucker's Blog, Glennon was asked about the boos that came from the stands during the game against Furman: “Doesn’t bother me. They’re going to do what they want to do. And I will say, just for the benefit of those people in the stands, it’s only 10 percent maybe. I know that most of Hokie Nation is behind me. Most of Hokie Nation is not booing me. And maybe for that small group that is, maybe they’re jealous they’re not out there. Maybe they don’t like me personally. But I threw a touchdown three plays after they booed me coming on the field, so …”

First, Sean, we're not booing you. We're booing the coaches. I'm just too tired to rehash all the reasons why.

Second, I watched the game on ACCSelect and the fans in the stands didn't see that Taylor had asked to come out because of the ankle.

Third, I hope, I absolutely hope, that this HokieNation would never boo a player. Unless the player was intentionally being malicious or destructive, booing a player is simply inexcusable and should not be tolerated.


Anonymous said...

Our offensive rankings since Bryan S. came to town:

and right now this year were are in between 80-85th

Would an offensive coordinator at schools like OU, Michigan, or Georgia still have their job if they kept putting up those kinds of numbers? So why do we?

Anand "EhhTee" Trivedi said...

We've said that here before and HokieGuru's said this on his site Fire Bryan Stinespring as well. We've been saying this at least public for years now. He needs to go.

Hokie Guru said...


You're absolutely right... Hokies do not boo... here are two pot articles... here and here

Hokie Guru said...

Typo... lol... not pot articles... great articles...