Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tech Escapes Senior Day Scare

First of, I apologize for the late review. Various factors, including fixing the toilets (yes all of them) in my house before 30 people descend upon my house for Fogo de Turkey (a Tuesday night version of Turkey Day.) So, secondly, I apologize again for this review will be short and sweet.

Basically, this game boiled down to one play in my opinion. MadJay likes to put out three key plays and I'm sure he thought the same thing when he saw it happen. His key play number one was the Derrick Hopkins fumble recovery on the Hokies 3-yard line that saved a 14-0 North Carolina lead.

The one play allowed for momentum to swing toward the Hokies for long enough that the Hokies could score what eventually ended up being an insurmountable lead. But, I'll tell you this: boy was it close. North Carolina scored two quick touchdowns in the fourth quarter and all but a missed field goal and the clock prevented the Tarheels from tying or worse winning this game.

Don't get me wrong. In the second and third quarter the Hokies looked phenomenal. Logan Thomas led the team with two touchdowns through the air and one on the ground. In the two interior quarters, the Hokies averaged 50 yards a drive. In the first and fourth, their average drive went for less than 10 yards.

Coach Beamer after the game knew that they were lucky to come away with a victory. Had the Tarheels had an extra minute on offense at the end of the game, we might be talking about a different game all together.

Now with the added Virginia bizarre victory over Florida State, the Commonwealth Cup becomes the de facto Coastal Division playoff game. It'll be an exciting Turkey weekend.

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