Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TSF Poll (Week ending 11/19)

Upset Saturday has us all scratching our heads. LSU vs Alabama is the obvious choice right now for the national title. I think few would argue that they are the best two teams in the nation and despite it being a rematch it is the right game to play. Unless of course, Arkansas manages to knock of LSU...
1 LSU (3) 75
2 Alabama 71
3 Stanford 68
4 Arkansas 66
5 Virginia Tech 63
6 Houston 60
7 Oklahoma State 52
8 Oregon 51
9 Georgia 46
9 Southern Cal 46
11 Boise State 44
12 Michigan State 41
13 Oklahoma 39
14 Kansas State 36
14 South Carolina 36
16 Wisconsin 32
17 Michigan 28
18 Penn State 27
19 Clemson 23
20 Texas Christian 21
21 Nebraska 15
22 Baylor 14
23 Virginia 7
24 Georgia Tech 5
25 Rutgers 2


Illinois Hokie said...

Arkansas knocks off LSU. Auburn pulls the upset in the Iron Bowl. Oklahoma downs Okie State in Bedlam and UGA pulls one out over Arky in the SECCG.

Chaos ensues.

MadJay said...

Even though our TSF poll shows LSU 1 and Alabama 2 I think it would be an absolute TRAVESTY if those two play in a rematch for the national title. I may make a full blog post about this but the concept is ridiculous. Alabama already had their shot - IN TUSCALOOSA!!! We need to bend over backward to make sure that ANY other team including Houston gets a chance before Alabama. If the Tide are the only remaining one-loss team, I could see giving them a second chance, but short of that, it makes a mockery of the regular season (the BCS' sacred regular season mantra).

LuvzAznChix said...

But wait, I thought we weren't supposed to talk about all this. I thought the only thing that we give a fuck about is taking a dump on the field at Scott Stadium and dismembering the cavs. I also thought the BCS and rankings shit don't matter right now.

MadJay said...

The only thing I care about in terms of Virginia Tech football is the UVa game. And I am 100% unconvinced that all the stuff that everyone's talking about for VT to make it to the national title game is going to happen so I'm not even thinking about that.

But the thought that Alabama would get a 2nd chance at LSU is stupid and I wanted to put that out there.