Wednesday, October 01, 2008

EhhTee's Picks (Week 6)

Well, So far I'm a mediocre 12-8 or batting .600. I guess that'd be impressive if I were a baseball player. Let's see if we can do a little better this week.

Pittsburgh @ #10 South Florida

This game is probably the best Big East match up we'll see this year. USF is the flag bearer of the worst conference in Div 1A.

Pick: Zippo Makers 13 - Mickey and the Gang 38

Upset Special
#4 Missouri @ Nebraska

The Cornhuskers are coming off the best game played by the Hokies yet. Mizzou was impressive against Illinois but come on they played Southeast Missouri State, Nevada, and Buffalo after that. High scoring: yes. Missouri victory: no

Pick: Mizzora 41 - Stienkuhler 44

#23 Oregon @ #9 USC

Sorry Oregon. USC is a good team. This year, I'll even admit that. So the loss to Oregon State surprised me... despite the fact they've done it before (two years ago). Oregon won't be quite as lucky.

Pick : Quack 10 - Brad Pitt (come on, connect the dots) 47

#13 Auburn @ #19 Vanderbilt

Vandy? Ranked? On top of the SEC East? What's next? Cubs win the World Series?!?! Save us O Great Flying Spaghetti Monster! Save us!

Pick: AU (cause I can't think of anything funny) 24 - Vandy 1 (that's right 1)

Game of the Week
#14 Ohio State @ #18 Wisconsin

OLessU is at it again. Start the year at single digits. Fall into the twenties. Then magically come back. So, in good fashion, they'll fall to about 23 next week after...

Pick: Swing State U 21 - You betcha 33

#24 Connecticut @ North Carolina

Two words. Butch Davis. Oh did I say that before... I'm sorry

Pick: UCan't 3 - Butch Davis 28

Duke @ Georgia Tech

Since I'm here in Atlanta, I can't not do this game. The Blue Man Group is 3-1 to start the season, the first time in John McCain lifetime. They'll come into Atlanta fired up and ready. However, Georgia Tech will be ready.... to bore them to death.

Pick: Bo and Luke 14 - Members Only Jackets 27

Florida State @ Miami (FL)

This one's making my brain hurt.

Pick: Chief Osceola eats Sebastian with a fine Chianti

As always, the Virginia Tech game is, technically, the game of the week, but as you know I never predict a Tech game in EhhTee's Picks. The game is at 1:30 and will broadcast online at


The Frozen Tundra said...

Dude, AT someone h4ck3d your post.

Anand "EhhTee" Trivedi said...

Nah... I think I was drunk when I posted. I amuse myself sometimes!