Friday, October 17, 2008

EhhTee's Picks (Week 8)

Okay let's do this right this week. Batting five hundred for the year sucks. The last two weeks

Hawai'i @ #15 Boise State

The Warriors aren't as fierce as they have been in the past. Quarterbakc Inoke Funaki hasn't had the spark that Colt Brenna was able to give them. Boise State looks poised to rumble through the WAC once again. Can the Broncos keep their BCS hopes alive on the blue turf this weekend?

Pick: Warriors 17 - Broncos 31.

Game of the Week
#11 Misouri @ #1 Texas

Missouri's coming off a tough loss to the OKST Cowboys. Texas is coming off the Red River Shootout (literally) as the game end up with 80 points on the board. This games at home for the longhorns. Although I would have put Missouri's offense at the top of the division (heck they could probably crush the Oakland Raiders), I going to have to say their devense will not be able to stop Colt McCoy.

Pick: Tigers 29 - Longhorns 51.

Upset Special #1
#16 Kansas @ #4 Oklahoma

Can anyone contest that the Big Twelve is the best conference in college football right now? They have four teams in the top 10 and six teams in the top 16. Kansas will have a mighty task ahead of them as they go into a disappointed Sooners environment. The Sooners shouldn't be too down on themselves. At number 4 only half way through the season, their MFC hopes are still alive. Although my gut tells me to pick a thirsty Jayhawks over a wounded Sooners, I can't see OU offence not rolling over Kansas. I'm gonna hate myself for this...

Pick : Jayhawks 17 - Sooners 30Jayhawks 27 - Sooners 24.

Upset Special #2 (Not really)
#22 Vanderbilt @ #10 Georgia

I hate yo jump on the bandwagon of upsets, and I really don't think it will be an upset, but I'm going to say that Vanderbilt rolls into Georgia and leaves with a victory. Its my gut that put me over the top before, and now I find myself second and third guessing myself and now I myself with only two right last week. No more, I'm listening to my gut here.

Pick: Commodores 24 - Bulldogs 21.

#18 North Carolina @ Virginia

Virginia has resurged after losing to Duke. They shutout Maryland and dominated ECU. Butch Davis continues to prove he's a football god. North Carolina will utterly dominate this game.

Pick: Tarheels 42 - Boohoos 10.

Upset Special #3
#21 Wake Forest @ Maryland

Maryland's been two different teams this year. On the one hand they beat Cal surprising everyone after losing to Middle Tennessee State. Then they beat Clemson as the Tigers spiraled into mediocrity. Wake on the other hand has been strong all season... except for a loss to Navy. Maryland fans are tough and this one goes down to the wire.

Pick: Demon Deacons 13 - Terrapins 14.

#23 Pittsburgh @ Navy

Navy's got some good wins under their belt. The aforementioned victory over Wake Forest and at Air Force. Their losses are to teams that are proving to be relatively decent teams (Duke and Ball State). Navy's at home in Annapolis and may, neigh, will pull off another one.

Pick: Panthers 24 - Midshipmen 35.


Hokie Guru said...

You had a bad week, EhhTee LOL.

The only one I missed there was Maryland; I had literally no idea that the Terps would shut out Wake.

Anand "EhhTee" Trivedi said...

Yeah. I'm having a bad year. I'm second and third guessing myself as you can see in my Oklahoma debacle.

The Frozen Tundra said...

Three ACC teams leave the AP Top 25; three other ACC teams enter. *sigh*